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Sweet and convenient kitchen should have originality to decorate
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Kitchen, in the concept of former days, it is the place of sootiness fire burn. However the development of science and technology and progress, of new product emerge in endlessly the appearance that changed a kitchen. Present kitchen because the conspicuous function of galley equipment, and the space that makes here becomes a warmth to go to the lavatory. But traditional kitchen often the area is lesser, should make it becomes convenient still need a few special originality.

The kitchen that layout designs reasonable warmth to go to the lavatory should have originality to decorate (graph)

Layout design is reasonable

Because kitchen area is lesser, appear on equitable distribution consequently particularly important. On layout, go there and back with operating order to decrease for flow do one's best normally, what escape operates at the same time is crowded. Kitchen operation center should be wash and burn. These two jobs are opposite for time is longer, the possibility that two people operate at the same time is larger, accordingly, according to washing the position of the pool to decorate kitchen is provided and desk desk is very important. The form that decorate has 3 kinds commonly:

One of, bay is narrower, can use " one glyph " odd platoon type is decorated, press namely wash a pool -- , desk desk -- , cooking range order is decorated, this kind decorates an operation agile, convenient, it is kitchen of long and narrow form decorates a method commonly usedly.

Secondly, near a square. Can use L form to decorate, this kind of method can use metope effectively, operation save labour is convenient, can decorate dimension the furniture with longer, more amount and appliance. Wash a pool to be in a side of the kitchen, cooking range slants in rely on side wall, be linked together with desk desk between Chi Zao. Such kitchen is decorated, order is clear, wash -- , cut -- , burn each other not photograph faze. Although the area is small, decent however and orderly.

Thirdly, bay is wide, be in 2.7, 3 meters or so. Can use " 2 " the glyph is decorated, this kind is decorated can list cent of 3 big equipment two side, apply to the kitchen that does not have the balcony and the kitchen that have 2 doors relatively.

The kitchen that layout designs reasonable warmth to go to the lavatory should have originality to decorate (graph)

The dimensional volume of the kitchen cannot be too large, because this makes full use of,the space also is important assign an instrument. Can make ark of ark of a few condole, hanger, little wall wait, mix with labour with material is not much, profit is not small however. Be provided like kitchen and little wall ark can be set below desk desk, get on below two, provide for putting the dressing such as daily necessaries and bowl dish and so on to fill, kitchen provides upside to be able to set the check mark that hang content several, offer the cooking utensils such as the shovel that hang boiler, spoon only.
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