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Consumer Protection Committee of Shanghai spot checks of household kitchen equip
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In recent years, due to quality problems caused by cabinet complaints have been high. To this end, the Urban Consumer Protection Committee in accordance with laws and regulations of social oversight functions conferred on the city's cabinet circulation were compared with experiment, 15 samples Consumer Protection Committee by City staff of 11 large building in the city market, supermarkets and direct sales stores in the random custom purchase. The comparative test of building materials and components through the Shanghai Quality Supervision, Inspection Station in accordance with GB18584-2001 "interior decoration materials, wood-based panel of formaldehyde release limit", GB/T18884-2002 "home Kitchen equipment "and" household kitchen equipment production (to) Comparison Test Products Regulations "on the formaldehyde emission, plywood cabinet drawer and slide strength, carpentry requirements, artificial stone countertops Barcol hardness, strength door installation, Sliding strength, sliding door open Meng test, water absorption, heat water, stain resistance and other important quality index of 10 were detected. First, the test results The subjects of the 15 samples, 14 cases involving the city product, a product other provinces and cities, on examination, standard 4, 11 samples do not meet the standards, compliance rate was 26.7%. Second, analysis of test results 1, formaldehyde emission Formaldehyde emission is the kitchen hygiene, an important indicator of environmental requirements, to achieve a certain concentration of formaldehyde emission on human health, especially easy to damage the respiratory tract, causing chronic poisoning. The subjects of the 15 samples of formaldehyde Release measured values are in line with national standards. 2, the strength of wood-based panels and slide the drawer cabinet Plywood cabinet drawer and drawer slide hardware to evaluate the strength of function and quality of the main indicators, which should not appear when using the drawer catching, poor switch, the noise and so on. The subjects of the 15 samples are in line with National standards. 3, carpentry requirements Wood demand is reflected in the cabinet of raw material (sheet metal, veneer, edge banding, after retaining, drawers, etc.) in itself good or bad quality and processing level indicators, such as the work is not fine, level of processing is poor, the poor quality of raw and auxiliary materials ( board Material easy to absorb moisture and deformation, cracking, or the hardware easy to loose, fall off) and other issues. The subjects of the 15 samples are in line with national standards. 4, Barcol hardness Pakistan artificial stone countertops and artificial stone hardness ratio and processing of raw materials is closely related to poor quality or workmanship unreasonable increase in filler content, the hardness easily lead to substandard man-made stone table, thus used Cheng Zhongrong Prone to scratches and so on. The subjects of the 15 samples measured between 42 to 64, in line with national standards (≥ 40). 5, the door mounting strength, strength and sliding door sliding door opening test Meng Panel mounting strength of the cabinet door, sliding door test the strength and sliding doors opening reflects the fierce grip screw force plates, hardware and processing with the precision level of quality. The test samples of a total of 3 does not meet the standard, reflecting the The problems mainly hinge loose connection along the sides; door and cabinet off; doors and hinges were not damaged, but the door is loose; hinge does not function properly, the door switch is not flexible, there are still obstacles phenomena. One simple but elegant wood Shanghai Limited production of household kitchen equipment (nominal mark: opening Sheng, specifications: qualified product) strength and sliding doors installed do not meet strength standards. 6, heat water Heat water to reflect the artificial stone countertops anti boiling water, hot water erosion indicators. National standards, artificial stone countertops by (80 ± 2) ℃ 100 hours after the water bath should be no cracks, no bubbles. According to the experts Water tests failed to pass the heat introduced artificial stone countertops prone to fading, cracking and so on. The trial is still room Wood Co., Ltd. Shanghai production of household kitchen equipment (nominal trademark: Hing Yee cabinet, specifications: 450 * 600 * 700 (mm)) of its man-made stone table cracks phenomenon. 7, stain resistance Stain resistance is the main man-made physical and chemical properties of stone countertops, stone countertops national standard man-made ethanol, acetone, 2% mercurochrome solution (red syrup), 2% iodine, gentian violet (gentian violet), 3% hydrogen peroxide, tea , Vinegar, black liquid shoe polish, lipstick and other reagent contamination, wash with detergent after 24 hours dry, the surface can not have a clear color. The simple but elegant experiment in Wood Co., Ltd. Shanghai (nominal mark: opening Sheng, specifications: Qualified Goods), Shanghai, the only iron cabinet Limited (nominal trademark: U.S. high impression Specifications: qualified product), Shanghai Wai Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. kitchen (nominal trademark: Long Wei, specifications: 450 * 600 (mm), qualified product), the Yahya Public Furniture Co., Ltd. (nominal mark: good home, specification: 410 * 450 * 700 (mm), qualified product), Shanghai is still room Timber Company Limited (nominal trademark: Hing Yee cabinet, size: 450 * 600 * 700 (mm)), Shanghai Wal Buddha Creative Design Co., Ltd. (nominal trademark: long Island, specifications: 450 * 600 * 700 (mm), qualified product), Simple Home Furniture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (nominal trademark: simple living, Size: 450 * 680 (mm), qualified product), 宁波福莱姆 Kitchenware Co., Ltd. (nominal trademark: Fulai Mu, specifications: Black Mini, qualified), and other samples produced 11 anti-pollution index does not meet national standards, there are noticeable discoloration. According to experts does not match Meets the requirement of artificial stone countertops weak anti-infiltration, seepage pollution and strong, in the daily use of the process vulnerable to chemicals such as eating Japanese vinegar sauce colored liquid erosion, leading to discoloration, and difficult to remove. Third, consumer tips According to the results of this comparative test, the Urban Consumer Protection Committee issued advice to the relevant enterprises, it is recommended to stop selling the same batch, same type of goods, and to make rectification; the company has been active rectification within the prescribed time limit, and submitted written Surface reports. Here, the City Consumer Protection Committee to remind consumers to purchase, use kitchen cabinets to the attention of: 1, clear the kitchen features before purchase Consumers to buy kitchen cabinets, should the actual situation with the family, consider using custom, decorative effect, the opening direction, equipment configuration, clear the kitchen functions; and then, and kitchen cabinet manufacturers time to confirm a good intervention, with its complete Into the measurement, design, etc., to avoid detours and wasting financial and material resources. 2, buy kitchen cabinets ⑴ cabinet brand OK Consumers should understand the cabinet through the various channels of knowledge, evaluation of product quality, design capacity, processing capacity, service capacity, details of the deal from the sample, the reception staff so comprehensive survey of professional competence and Results Targeting co-brand their own needs. ⑵ major material purchase Consumers should be combined with environmental protection, practicality, safety and aesthetics to choose the right door, table, cabinet, hardware accessories, such as the main material. Select the substrate when the attention of melamine green door, color matching and edge of the treatment; choose PVC vacuum molded door, pay attention to the corners of the smoothness, color consistency, etc.; choose paint door when Note the front and side color, smooth degree of consistency, smoothness, and appearance of the paint particles, pinhole, full extent, hardness, etc.; select solid wood door, pay attention to all parts of the material, what part of it is solid wood, wood What wood species are all wood or wood stick to leather and so on. Select the table, in the sufficient light to observe the appearance and color, with a sharp test the hardness of hard materials or wear resistance, heat in boiling water to test their water, chemicals and food with vinegar sauce on to test their resistance to pollution of And so on. Select the cabinet when the attention to the material of the material, the more green the color plates are not more moisture and guard against stains instead of moisture agent; particleboard screw bending strength and grip better than the MDF is the preferred material; cabinet of formaldehyde emission Mainly from wood-based panels used in the production of parts and glue, box of all the exposed holes should be fully sealed to prevent moisture entry, reduce the formaldehyde emission, also increases the aesthetics and environmental protection. 3, cabinet maintenance Avoid using sharp objects when characterization; avoid high hardness of the cleaning tools clean; avoid high concentrations of strong cleaning agent or corrosive cleaning; avoid soaking in water, water should be promptly removed, dried; avoid overheating Direct contact with objects; hardware add oil regularly to ensure smooth opening and closing parts. Keep the kitchen when not in use as ventilation, to ensure that the kitchen drying; cooking in advance of opening hood, opening a period of time and continue cooking hood, to ensure that sufficient wind and prevent smoke intrusion, thereby reducing Fumes, damp environment of kitchen cabinets.