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Feature of digital city maturity: Haze of Yan of quiet of Tuo of Che of Fei of b
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20 centuries since 90 time, the new and high technology that is a delegate with IT is swift and violent develop, the profundity that driving the domain such as world economy, politics, culture greatly changes. To meet the challenge of intellectual economy, the United States takes the lead in offerring national information infrastructure and plan of global information infrastructure; Europe is implementing the strategy of information society; Singapore made construction southeast Asia " wisdom island " intellectual economy develops the strategy. Informatization city or area have a common name: Digital city (Digital City) .

Digital city general situation

Digital city, it is to point to apply geographical information system, remote sensing, telemetering, network, multimedia integratedly to reach fictitious emulate wait for a technology, to urban infrastructure and functional mechanism, undertake be collectioned automatically, the dynamic management that monitor and the technical system that assist decision-making service. Common ground says, it is namely in town planning construction and operation management, include the square respect range of urban production and life, use technology of digitlization information processing and network communication technology adequately, try all sorts of information natural resources of the city conformity makes full use of. Look from the angle of town planning, construction and management, digital city can be generalized for " 43VR " , namely " geographical data 4D is changed, map data is three-dimensional change, program design VR is changed " . "Geographical data 4D " , include digital line to delimit model of Gaocheng of map of case of bar of graph, number, number, number is shooting video picture. "Map data is three-dimensional change " , it is to show map data is three-dimensional structure by changeover of present 2 dimension structure. "The program designs VR (Virtual Reality, virtual reality) change " , it is to point to program design and program management to be propped up in data of 4D data, three-dimensional map below, existing 2 dimension exercise object and method upgrade to combine exercise object and method for VR of three peace keeping.

Digital city is built, it is to point to the information that will concern a city, include each fields such as natural resources of urban rich, society, infrastructure, humanitarian, economy, undertake getting with digital form, memory, management and emersion, use effectively through be being mixed to the integration analysis of urban information, to raise urban government environment of efficiency, resource conservation, protection is mixed can develop continuously provide decision-making support, close to into urban system the harmony between each element gets along effectively. Digital city is the main content of urban modernization, can be a city to be able to develop continuously offer not exhaust motivation, it is the only way of urban modernization.
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