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Hu Anliang of 5 stars solar energy: The family is energy-saving crucial
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To propose idea of domestic green life, popularize energy-saving knowledge, first energy-saving section of Guangdong that by Guangdong company of 5 stars solar energy undertakes, yu Guoqing during the golden week start formally. As we have learned, it is in order to build energy-saving environmental protection society all the time oneself the 5 stars company that allow, the family that hopes to enhance people through this activity is energy-saving idea, eliminate understanding error, popularize energy-saving knowledge further, extend energy-saving product.

The family is energy-saving existence error of two big understanding

When numerous good people is accepting a reporter to interview, president of 5 stars company says why, the energy-saving sense of current and whole society is not strong, be in especially the family is energy-saving respect, the understanding of people is not quite sufficient still, existing the error on a lot of understanding. It is to think specific power consumption basically is caused by industry, accordingly energy-saving problem is the issue that government, enterprise should consider, individual, family is affected to specific power consumption with report not quite, energy-saving problem does not have too big concern with individual, family; 2 it is energy-saving product it is high-tech product, content of science and technology is high, price wants tower above than traditional product a few, because this is used,energy-saving product should spend more money.

"Must want to change these wrong intentions, ability accelerates our country the pace of the energy-saving strategy that decrease a platoon. " president of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad numerous good people says, "We hope to carry activity of this energy-saving section, let people realize the error on him idea, change lifestyle, make a family energy-saving the idea is more thorough popular feeling. "

Family energy-saving crucial

"The family is energy-saving crucial. " Gan Ran of general manager of department of 5 starlight hot career says, "Domestic specific power consumption is used up in the sources of energy actually in held very large proportion, the family is energy-saving the implementation of energy-saving to our country strategy is crucial. "

Show according to concerning data statistic, if countrywide family uses energy-saving light source generally, a year but section report many degrees 700; Home has many 100 million freezer to be changed entirely energy-saving model, a year but section report many degrees 400, both addition can save the electricenergy production of power station of next much gorge. The specific power consumption that a family washs bath equipment every year (convert is report) control for 1800 degrees about, with the whole nation 3. 500 million family is calculated, only this one whole nation is annual bad news report is as high as 630 billion degrees. If use solar energy water heater or air source heats up pump water heater, a year but section report many degrees 3000, be equivalent to the electricenergy production of power station of 3 many gorge.
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