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Kitchen home appliance spreads out new round of revolution
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Kitchen home appliance spreads out new round revolution

- Wang Feng of our newspaper reporter

Common saying says " poor hall visitting office, rich see a kitchen " , develop at full speed in home appliance course of study today, kitchen home appliance is having new revolution.

Healthy, energy-saving, environmental protection becomes a subject

"Electric shortage " , light those who enrage the price to be climbed successively litre, let kitchen electric equipment forward the way of energy-saving, environmental protection develops. New condition, the industry of kitchen electric equipment that also is green, healthy, environmental protection brings infinite business chance. According to statistic, since 2005, our country will have machine of cigarette of 5 million oil absorption every year to enter at least update period, these " aged " product of kitchen electric equipment also is the product with can bigger bad news at the same time. This leaves to all home appliance enterprises gave a environmental protection, energy-saving proposition. Nowadays, in home appliance market, the conduct propaganda of healthy, energy-saving, environmental protection already predominate, relevant product is to emerge in endlessly more. Although the government is at present right,product of kitchen home appliance has not published this kind of standard to undertake restraining, but the sense of urgency that a lot of enterprises had felt to energy crisis place is brought and business chance, realise consumer is choosing the attention of the to the product health in product process, energy-saving, environmental protection, to break through technical bottleneck, threw a large number of energy.

Hutch report unifinication is high-key bright sword

New of revolution of round of kitchen arisen, let once the kitchen of sootiness fire burn changes his appearance thoroughly. At present, the hutch report formula of unifinication is popular. Reporter in the country the home appliance such as beautiful, Su Ning sells see, the kitchen electric equipment of whole set explains the integral kitchen idea with faddish nowadays further, the electric equipment of whole set kitchen of harmony of unified, function makes the style shine in contemporary kitchen beautiful scenery.

Many home appliance dealer show, consumer resembles sucking the kitchen electric equipment such as lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas and alexipharmic ark to buy in that way before no longer and " rush about separately " , the hutch report formula of unifinication, not only the difficult problem that solved consumer not to know how to match when home appliance of kitchen of whole set choose and buy, and make kitchen style realized harmony to unite, get of consumer love.

Intelligence is changed make new scratch line

As standard of living rise, people is right dietary decoct, blast, stew, boil more and more exquisite also, from satiate the demand that drinks sufficient onefold demand to develop the many sided such as convenient, wholesome, nutrition, quick, save labour, taller and taller to the requirement of kitchen home appliance, ask function is reliable not only, pay attention to vogue and intelligence even, accordingly " clever " kitchen home appliance will become prospective consumption to be bestowed favor on newly. To this, the personage inside course of study expresses, chinese enterprise should make the brand of internationalization, want to devote into international competition, must look up thinking wins before take the market first machine, conduct the development of the industry.
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