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Boss home appliance together 100 stylist decorate a kitchen for you
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Article origin:   of channel of industry of home appliance of Hui Cong net adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-9-26 15:11:39

Recently, brand of Chinese famous home appliance " boss " 100 elite stylist that specially invite comes from the whole nation, initiate cosignatory and enunciative, advocate " harmonious consumption, grade lives " shopping concept.

These 100 suffer invited stylist, all be domestic and international famous household space stylist, everybody has remarkable distinctive color. This, they will be offerred for consumer together most the close-fitting service that reach the designated position, from the space design, kitchen is decorated, the many sided such as home appliance choose and buy, unified style offers consumer proposal and guidance.

The famous stylist that comes from Hong Kong says: "The collocation of all sorts of function electric equipment inside the kitchen is designed, before wanting to install a design in the home, finish. The line that if the home is installed,home appliance ignored when the design, put a design, will affect excellent report directly use convenient with safety. On the other hand, because domestic outfit style is Protean, and the exterior of home appliance cannot come according to the train of thought of consumer however follow one's inclinations, accordingly, reasonable inside limited choice space tie-in and best combination also is a knowledge. Eye comes round to say, glass and stainless steel serve as stylish the strongest expression step, afterwards follow on current goes, it is especially in the kitchen, can achieve vogue, concise, lively result. "

Many stylist this activity of home appliance of boss of tripartite confrontation support, because be in their design work,be, can choose boss home appliance, no matter design or make go up with the function from the exterior, boss home appliance very the aesthetic standard that accords with them, with design work bring out the best in each other.

It is reported, begin from September, consumer is OK to whole nation of boss home appliance ark of each three-year institution of higher learning enjoys privilege of purchase in advance, the official website that also can land boss home appliance and Xiangbala live in a net to participate in activity of purchase in advance, 100 stylist will by turns online the problem that solves an outfit respect for consumer, each district netizen also can upload the net to go up, share experience and joyance with someone else. Pass the discussion between the proposal of stylist and netizen, can solve the real problem of a lot of consumer, of the 11 golden weeks after also doing it purchase the preparation that makes nice perfectly sound.

11 during, boss home appliance will be exhibited in countrywide make one's rounds in arrange 100 stylist spot to sign carry out, the activity is rich, gift is rich and generous. The product of technology of of all kinds innovation that rolls out on news briefing of the boss before this will be applied to arrive home in house design. At the appointed time, have advocate the interest of technology of the buy in fire lights series to light gas cooking stove, 6 upgrade technical A avoids unpick and wash Bao will become machine of Ou Shi lampblack and the 105Y report pressure that have technology of UP nutrition activation the cosset of stylist, the combination of report of Europe type hutch of fashionable elegance will shine brilliantly.
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