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Ambry industry blow " build up date " dispute the world
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If say 2007 is force of ambry market labor,wait for a year of hair, so 2008 is ambry industry blow " build up date " a year.

As foreign ambry brand in a large-scale " inbreak " , and card of home made product sends force in succession, the ambry trade with market huge cake will appear in 8 years: The big play of international brand and the world of domestic brand dispute.

   Mainland changes aggravate of competition of industry of behavioral old a cupboard that also serves as a table

In a year of in the past, mainland changes brand cabinet action very big, enter ambry industry in succession occupational position; And brand ambry also is supporting to applaud not the pressure of draw a large audience, continue research and development is tasted newly, enlarge the market to have rate. In the Olympic Games year, mainland is changed spend blow with the brand of ambry market " build up date " .

According to the analysis, this kind intense the competitive mode hopeful that takes awkwardness slightly however gets more reasonable become divided and conformity this year.

Current, home already had much home mainland to turn home appliance tycoon early or late sortie ambry industry, wh some of which is the development key that regards future as ambry more. Sea Er, square too, Shuai Kang, China emperor, 10 thousand happy, bay the native land brand such as Ke Ma is in after valueing ambry market, send force in succession.

To this, hutch protects Beijing Association of industry and commerce Mou Yong of secretary-general of chamber of commerce expresses, the cause that causes this kind of condition has 2. Because ambry market has very large development latent capacity,be, market size is larger; 2 it is because of the home appliance industry with scanty to profit photograph character, the profit of ambry industry appears more rich and generous.

Mou Yong thinks, enter integral ambry industry in succession as company of management hutch phone, be helpful for driving the integral sale of its home appliance, but what can foreknow is, one year the mainland in ambry market turns future competition will be more intense.

   Each advantageous fraud mainland is changed still need rational look upon

Native land of course the profit that turns ambry to also have his and fraud. Benefit: Mainland turns a cupboard that also serves as a table more the consumption of ordinary common people is used to press close to, sexual price is compared tall, in economically accept more easily for most person place; And mainland changes ambry enterprise to understand market trends more, always hold newest consumptive trend, can promote the product in time to the market.

Contrary, malpractice is: Design the lag on train of thought, even some of enterprise imitates foreign brand blindly, lack innovation spirit; Technical content, environmental protection amounts to mark rate to wait remain to rise, this also is the heel of Achilles that one part mainland turns a cupboard that also serves as a table. If cannot try standard, certainly will will affect mainland to change the healthy progress of ambry course of study.
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