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Hotel of 5 stars class was stationed in Hui Cong net to purchase hutch report on
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Article origin:   of   of channel of industry of home appliance of Hui Cong net adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2008-1-16 11:44:04

Actual strength purchases: Some international hotel

Company brief introduction:

My hotel is the public house that builds by level of 5 stars grade, business of design market action, travel, amusement is happy an organic whole, aim to make the culture center of area and mart. Hotel south be 26 average guest room advocate building, 13 gardens flatlet is in add a floor, total floor area 70000 square metre. The building of this project will be helpful for optimizing urban environment further, promotion travel recieves ability, stimulative trade and society serve the development of the career. Project head period invest 350 million yuan, plan to be used at was being thrown 2008. Those who be located in city administration center is medium on axes, the southeast side of new century square, can says to be in gold position, believe it can make one of mark sex structures with southern new the most dazzling the city zone.

The network negotiates meeting time: On Feburary 20 (on Wednesday) afternoon 14:30

Negotiate place: Detail Http://, intro.html? Roomid=7125

Purchase a product:

1) galley equipment: Kitchen utensils and appliances, light gas to provide, roast, cold storage, ambry, dishwasher;

2) tableware things: Goods of silver of pottery and porcelain, tableware, gold, stainless steel, wine is provided, tea service;

3) guest room things: Safe, prevent slippery mat, guideline, nameplate;

4) one-time things: Fluid of towel, bath, common tooth brush, slipper, comb, bumf

Purchase a requirement:

Other the supplier of kind of hotel things also can be contacted. My company needs demand perfection to cover hotel articles for use.