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Silver is treated corrupt what to show (environmental informal essay)
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The ancients has " granary is solid and tell ceremony, back and belly is sufficient and know honour or disgrace " say, the Chinese public of 21 century, in granary fact, back and belly sufficient condition falls, also more and more " know environmental protection " .

A group of numbers but endowment for card. Total bureau of national environmental protection accepted masses to complain a case 2006 2003, be equivalent to coming to accepted quantitative sum 2005 2002, among them industrial business pollution complains a case to occupy 94 % ; Industry of chemical industry, metallurgy complains a quantity to rise considerably; Came 2002 2006, masses environmental protection complains a case annual and average growth 87 % .

Not difficult infer, besides to national environmental protection total bureau is complained, situation problem meets the big big circlet that each district masses visits a branch to mirror to local environmental protection and letter more. This specification pollutes a problem to had become the main factor that endangers society of health of urban and rural dweller, influence badly to stabilize on one hand, masses report is strong; On the other hand, as standard of living rise apparently, everybody hopes to drink the water that goes up clean, breathe fresh air, eat on the food that be at ease, everybody's environmental protection appeals to beg increasing, the level is higher and higher.

The environmental protection of masses appeals to no matter reflect which one level,beg, need what help, want commonly finally by local government specific fulfil. Although this respect has the place of the meaning that be like a person very much, but overall condition is hopeful with each passing day. Go one year, the masses that branch of local environmental protection undertakes complains a case to do knot rate to be 89 % , in the case of pay a return visit doing a form, masses satisfaction rate achieves 82 % .
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