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AVS standard successor is become greatly on house implement
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Open the word of column: The standard is the commanding elevation of the Information Industry. "15 " since, our country Information Industry obtains a breakthrough in a certain number of great skill domains, formulate and issued a series of international, country and occupation standard. "915 " during, how can strategy of Information Industry standard just march toward new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position? Standard backside after all under cover what joys and sorrows of life, what interest dispute is there? Standard how with the market, be united in wedlock further with the industry? How does the standard drive the own innovation of the Information Industry and structure to upgrade? For this, our newspaper organizes large series report especially, unscramble the story of backside of standard of 30 multinomial China for the reader, pay close attention to please.

Compared with MPEG-2 of video encode standard and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, the AVS that just made national standard formally 2006 is a successor undoubtedly, but AVS is not laggard absolutely. Now, this research and development always throws insufficient international congener standard 2% , on function none inferior however " novice " , the standard of video of the 2nd acting sound that has made the whole world optional formed the situation of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, and, labor force becomes those who issue generation standard to get the person that run. Without doubt, AVS is the window of a be worthy of in the homebred standard that our country is urging.

Frequency of news of victory passes AVS recently, this makes yellow iron army-invincible army of secretary-general of AVS level working group excited unceasingly. He tells " Chinese electron signs up for " reporter: "From establish standard working group to now, AVS had gone 5 years, should say, developing prospect is better and better! Developing prospect is better and better!!

Really, from 2002 standard of the AVS that start makes the job begin, the research that experienced the bat around to the standard, analysis, comparative test and industrialization foreground, enter in days 2006 when, AVS eventually good news again and again.

Was January 2006 first, MII approval carries AVS video share; Later, last year Feburary, national standardization manages committee to issue AVS standard formally; In March, AVS standard is carried out formally; In September, tall article of group leader of AVS level working group receives ITU to standardize the announcement of the bureau, affirm AVS becomes the Liaison Group of ITU-T of international report couplet formally already; In December, AVS machine carries the family of a citizen of Dalian of make one's bow on the head.

Until April 2007, hangzhou shortly will be made clear in the program of digital TV system of mount a horse put forward, want to build the processing system believing a source that accords with standard of GB AVS encode, attain the scale of 1 million user finally, this is an AVS application with the at present largest scale.
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