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Estate business application lives in intelligence to turn systematic experience
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Detail makes a brand, character decides the market. Choice and building dish the household intelligence that matchs changes a system, the processing of since detail, also be the need of character.
Intelligent building is a burgeoning industry, although its take landed item only,always invest 1% the left and right sides, but it is development, change, newer the fastest, special abound those who challenge a gender is decision-making one of. Do well, whole Lou Pangao is elegant chic, bring out the best in each other; Do bad, the building that makes meticulously dish lack contemporary breath necessarily, leave a regret to the person.
Nearly 6, come 7 years, household intelligence changes construction from south to north, develop to medium, small town from big city, residential intelligence changes a system to had become a city to build a building dish establishment of indispensable form a complete set. Firm in the begining, a lot of real-estate projects sell a site to seek, through " hype " intelligence changed a concept to obtain favorable result, raised a building dish sale outstanding achievement.
It is however in this one process, a lot of estate companies, especially the landed project that a few the earliest application live in intelligence to change a system had bitter taste. An investigation that makes according to building a concerned branch place, the inadequacy that the whole nation lives in intelligence to change a system to move normally 30% , the agreement that the part cannot use partly normally is occupied 30% , still have cannot use in great quantities normally, a lot of buildings dish be forced to change product, have investment 2 times, caused huge loss and worry.
Cause afore-mentioned situations to generalize the reason that rises to basically have a few sides:
It is a requirement highbrow. Some landed development business are " hype concept " , change systematic function to having highbrow exorbitant demand to intelligence, hope get sth done once and for ever, do not lag behind 10 years, requirement product supplier serves as the function with a few immature technologies should sell a site again; Perhaps have blind faith in entrance product, after using, ability discovers the system does not fit national condition, did loss is big.
2 it is a product the choice is undeserved. Immature now product floods the market, some even the trademark is well-known spend higher company to also take shortcut, informal OEM of a few small companies immature, fluky and the product that does not have technology of large couplet net is pushed to the market, contend for grab a project. The standard with numerous incompatible each other brings about product good and evil people mixed up, and as market competition aggravate, a lot of enterprises are forced to go out bureau, a lot of already installed the product inside village of each district residence to become unmanned keep an eye on " orphan " , maintain a service " fault " affected owner interest badly.
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