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Copy a watch remotely to must solve property right of 3 big questions after serv
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What have development outlook very much is long-range copy a watch, property right appeared in using promotion the problem of attributive, property management and after service, should cause the attention of concerned branch.

Problem one: Property right returns who is ambiguous

Current, who does the equipment asset management of the long-range and automatic system that copy a watch put in 's charge after all, pendent all the time. Look first those who light gas, water meter is far pass a watch to provide, differentiate from asset going up is what by two parts investment comprises, base the asset that the watch belongs to tap water at present or lights gas company, its will be maintained henceforth and change unchallenged; But the watch is provided those who go up is far send unit by development business separately contributive buy, asset belongs to development business. After development business went, is property right attributive who? After maintaining periodic at the expiration of one's term of office, by who to draw out money to be in charge of far the maintenance that passes a watch to provide? Because asset is attributive ambiguous, certainly will will appear henceforth far pass a watch to have the state that change and maintains nobody to be in charge of, final likelihood returns the old road that copies a watch artificially. See far make copies by writing express systematic equipment again, this equipment belongs to product of electronic communication equipment, guarantee commonly period do not exceed 3 years, regard development as this equipment that business invests, it is normal to be in guarantee period inside give an issue, be in charge of repair and changing by equipment supplier, once passed to guarantee period, how to safeguard charge to do? There is the project of this expenditure in property administration fee, should drawing out Qian Wei to protect government by who will be henceforth cannot evasive one big question.

Can offer consult: This city is in the Shanghai power company that era began to implement the long-range and automatic system that copy a watch 1990 early, of its ammeter far pass device and watch to provide produce for unifinication repeatedly, not cent radical is expressed and far send unit two parts, be in charge of offerring development business to install by power company, make clear its the capital advantageous position henceforth is attributive power company. Such, not only henceforth of ammeter far the maintenance that passes a watch to provide and change to draw out money to be in charge of by power company entirely, and should copy watch system by construction of power company investment, property right is attributive power company, be in charge of will maintain henceforth and be being maintained by its, avoided what appear possibly later completely to dispute over trifles phenomenon. This practice is worth the branch such as water coal to draw lessons from with follow the lead of.
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