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National level atlas: Open builds energy-saving times in the round
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The standard is the soul of project, investment of environment of managing to building a project the sources of energy, protection, control, shorten time limit for a project, improve beneficial result, construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model society, promote can develop continuously, having crucial forerunner effect. Energy-saving to the building for, a series of buildings are energy-saving design a standard to study positive result come on stage, it is open undoubtedly build energy-saving design times in the round. The reporter understood the construction that has completed at present from academy of design of Chinese building standard a few days ago of atlas of level of energy-saving design state probably content.

The building is professional: Heat preservation of the clad whole that wear a hat

The national level atlas that builds major finished 7 in all.

06J123 " wall metamere can build construction " atlas includes outside system of the heat preservation outside the wall, outside system of the heat preservation inside the wall and evaporate control aspect of aerocrete block wall 3 parts content. System of the heat preservation outside wall of its China and foreign countries enrolled get together benzene board thin plasterer, glue pink gets together benzene grain, get together concrete of benzene board cast-in-place, steel wire is worn get together expanded plastics of polyurethane of horniness of benzene board, spray and heat preservation adornment are compound board outside the 6 walls outside planting. System of the heat preservation inside the wall enrolled outside enhance plaster gesso to get together benzene board and glue pink get together system of the heat preservation inside the wall outside benzene grain. Body of wall of body of build by laying bricks or stones of evaporate pressing aerocrete presses aerocrete to regard frame fill as wall and body of wall of onefold heat preservation for evaporate. From each heat preservation the specifications index of all sorts of systematic introduction, material asks the building of the building place such as mouth of an opening in a wall of systematic wall body, corner, plinth, door, balcony, parapet is tectonic, and body of wall of different basic level, different conduct heat the ply of each system heat-insulation layer that the system asks, for building a design personnel is chosen. Atlas applies to countrywide various places project of heat preservation of the wall outside civil architectural.

06J204 " roofing is energy-saving the building is tectonic " atlas wove smooth roofing practice and building construct; Slope roofing practice and building are tectonic. Build construction to give by the roofing practice that active standard, standard is opposite the country to already had GB atlas and node perfect, the parapet in building construction to commonly used roofing, carry brim, be out of shape seam, the node of the place such as outfall is handled more side overweight architectural is energy-saving, more side overweight is commonly used, general with optional sex. Offerred insulation material of commonly used building to build construction to differ mediumly in commonly used roofing conduct heat the ply when coefficient chooses referenced watch, facilitating building design is chosen. Apply to the whole nation to build climate area to have the general and civil building that energy-saving design asks each.
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