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How should understand bureau of Chinese electric power (company) medium 645 stip
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The full name of 645 stipulations of an agreement should be " DL/T 645 of occupation standard of electric power of People's Republic of China -- 1997 muti_function electric energy expresses communication stipulations of an agreement " .
Application of such standard of stipulations of an agreement of a communication copy a system at carrier wave collect, be the historical reason that has it! Of any standard come on stage, be born with the child same, must experience the painful course that October be pregnant, in one day labors.
In last centuries 90 time, carrier wave collect copies a system to be in China earth like a rising wind and scudding clouds when, the communication stipulations of an agreement with mature neither one of home, abroad is OK apply mechanically. The constitutor of national level also is not immortal, Immanuel, they are running experience circumstance to fall without enough product spot, also cannot act blindly make up collect copies a reasonable carrier wave systematic communication stipulations of an agreement! Be worth at that time muti_function bedding face of electric energy watch accumulates promotion later period, and the development that carrier wave collect copies a system, production also mostly be born out of the product transition at these manufacturer. The history brought up 645 stipulations of an agreement so collect copies provisional Yu Zaibo systematic environment, use object and use condition actually and character, muti_function electric energy watch and carrier wave collect copy a system is a be totally unrelated almost!
Muti_function electric energy watch is the monitoring using phone that applies at user of power system power (monitoring of on the spot) , metric equipment; And carrier wave collect copies a system is the metric device that uses at dweller illume user; Do business according to the electric power of our country relevant policy of management, former must energy of electricity of attend to voltage, electric current, power, requirement, have rendered great service, measure without result electric energy, to, retrorse, and the parameter using phone of different time zone, hour; And latter exists to be being spent to energy of electricity of have rendered great service and bottom only, in time-sharing valuation system of future, no more than raises question of energy of electricity of period of time of a cent.
And the character that collects with respect to data, muti_function stipulations of an agreement of communication of electric energy watch applies to data of on the spot to collect only collect with bus line data, can use base band data to transmit even; It and carrier wave collect copy data of the modulation that string together a mouth to transmit, not be one and the same completely! With respect to communication environment character, this locality data collects communication environment stable, clean, attenuation is small; And attenuation of environment of carrier wave communication big, interference is not serious, stable! Whole one breaks up greatly! 645 stipulations of an agreement copy the apply mechanically in the system in carrier wave collect, brought disaster is annihilative! Let us lift a few specific provisions to show this issue:
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