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"915 " during domain of technology of promotion of construction career key is af
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For administration of scientific and reasonable configuration, law, economy and market resource, increase strength to advance construction career integratedly " 915 " new technology popularizes application, construction ministry was released a few days ago " construction career " 915 " domain of key promotion technology " , decided " 915 " during domain of technology of promotion of 9 big focal points, popularized technical project to do to each domain keys make clear specificly.

The building is energy-saving with new energy resources development uses technical domain to include: Building periphery protects technology of heat insolation of structural heat preservation and system of new-style and energy-saving architecture. Key promotion: Wall body, roofing, building (the ground) technology of heat insolation of heat preservation of wall of act of window of door of face, building, building, build sunshade technology and system of new-style and energy-saving architecture. Heat addition heating and air conditioning make cold energy-saving technology. Key promotion: Air conditioning of new-style and efficient heating and refrigeration technology, equipment of heat addition equipment, air conditioning refrigeration, lose tubing network energy-saving technology, temperature control and weights and measures technique, heat addition heating and system of air conditioning refrigeration are integrated and energy-saving technology. But second birth the sources of energy and technology of application of new energy resources. Key promotion: Ground of solar energy, shallow-layer can, live thing is simple can etc the sources of energy uses a technology. City and building green illume are energy-saving technology. Key promotion: New-style and energy-saving lighting engineering, illume is energy-saving control a technology. Build energy-saving design administration to reach can effect evaluation and label technology. Key promotion: Build analysis of specific power consumption of energy-saving design, energy-saving management, building and structure can effect evaluation and label technology. Have a building already energy-saving transform a technology. Key promotion: System of system of the palisade outside having a building already, refrigeration of heat addition heating is energy-saving transform a technology.

Section ground and subterranean space development use technical domain to include: The building plans to design section ground technology. Key promotion: Construction program, building designs section ground technology. Subterranean space development uses a technology. Key promotion: Development of space of building of subterranean traffic project, underground is used, corridor of integrated canal of municipal and communal underground and subterranean cop lay technology and underground (illume, ventilated, environment) technology of project form a complete set. Technology of subterranean engineering construction. Key promotion: Deep base hole excavate and timbering technology, go against course of action and go against partly course of action, dark dig a way (new abstruse law) , aegis compose law and technology of construction of blame excavate law. The city is stereo stop trick-cycling art. Key promotion: Underground jockeys library, multilayer jockey building and mechanical stop a garage to build a technology.
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