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Beautiful of showing couplet Home E is right blast intelligence turns new produc
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Regard the two old standards of domain of domestic number family as the organization, show couplet and Home E beautiful to advancing the development of market of Chinese number family in intense ground, they are in taste newly roll out and fruitful work was begun on application.

Product: Accelerate industrialization process

Show couplet: Standard showing couplet won the support of manufacturer of domestic most mainstream, covered each link of industrial catenary, and be on standard industrialization obtain first-rate result. The sales volume that showed couplet product 2006 exceeds 2 million, sale 12 billion yuan.

Since 2007, associate released the real time multimedia that accords with standard showing couplet to cooperate with technology, the amount that starts dimension to take the lead in realizing 2 acting wireless and high-definition TV showing couplet is produced, TCL rolled out the digital television that accords with standard showing couplet to carry a box on the head, sea letter released those who accord with standard showing couplet " network family system " , show couplet the pace that the technology of DRM copyright protection of own intellectual property also is quickening industrialization.

Current, of numerous and allied manufacturer make multinomial technology and product be in in full blast research and development. It is reported, to this year before the end of the year, show couplet to be able to release Promethean great skill at least 3 ~ 4, new product 10 kinds of above.

Home E beautiful: Begin from 2005, on product of each when Hai Ersheng produces common home appliance obligate network module interface, can upgrade at any time according to user need for product of network home appliance. The product of home appliance of whole set network that sea Er rolled out product of U-home network home appliance to include microwave oven of freezer of washing machine of water heater of network air conditioning, network, network, network, network to wait inside. Sea Er will roll out a brand-new brand 2007.

Technology of sea Er U-home is sea Er group what the is based on technology of wireless control of standard of Home E beautiful and Home E beautiful intelligence that roll out lives in a system is wireless connect and control a technology. This system shares the information in the family, how is domestic entertainment, electric home appliancesSystem of U-home network home appliance includes many subsystem:
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