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Dominant of Qingdao sea Er establishs new standard of home appliance industry
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A few days ago, national development reforms committee to issue announcement, approval by Qingdao sea Er (600690) dominant makes " network home appliance is general want QB/T2836-2006 " make new standard of home appliance industry, carry out since August 1, 2007, publish this standard by light industry press.

As we have learned, write by ministry of standard of home appliance of network of Qingdao sea Er " standard of equipment of domestic media center " , " standard of domestic gateway equipment " , " standard of technique of management of domestic number copyright " wait for 6 standards to already also was in project approving of national Committee on Standard, hopeful made new occupation standard 2007. Up to now, home appliance of network of Qingdao sea Er already had 7 standards to make occupation standard. (civil / Liu Sha Sha)