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Hair change appoint official: GB of floor figure TV will be carried out as sched
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"The country is determined to already was decided, on August 1 (floor figure TV) the standard wants to carry out for certain. " national hair changes appoint relevant controller expresses yesterday, of the standard carry out industry of TV of figure of floor of the will comprehensive China that start, cannot protracted. Level of state of wireless number TV is in the area that published last year to will be executed compulsively on August 1 this year certainly, in standard of TV of national region figure main and shirt-sleeve the much carrier plan of the Chan Zaibo of Shanghai traffic university and Tsinghua university. The industry before this has a message to think, shirt-sleeve chip will be affected mandatory of national level carry out on time. In fact, in two main chip manufacturers, limited company of ice run science and technology is about to release roll out the shirt-sleeve chip that accords with GB, and limited company of estate of science and technology of Shanghai high-definition number (next weighing " Shanghai is high-definition " ) also will roll out shirt-sleeve chip formally in July. Xia Ping of Shanghai high-definition president is built express, the time that the standard carries out won't be deferred certainly very, the industry prepares also everything is normal, and the process that standard industrialization is advanced is a successive all the time, after be being carried out formally on August 1, still need to be perfected ceaselessly. China's current condition has been compared Euramerican the case that presses at that time is a lot of faster. Zhang Guanghua shows executive vise general manager of ice run science and technology, say shirt-sleeve chip can father to affect a level again carry out and do not accord with actual. Shirt-sleeve chip meets those who affect engine of TV terminal an organic whole roll out only. Machine of an organic whole is to show TV interior is had receive chip, can receive a variety of standards, the user need not install machine top box to be able to receive digital TV signal. Look in Zhang Guanghua, machine top box and catapult do not need to use shirt-sleeve program, because these equipment are place,wide cable operation decides to purchase, should choose GB single carrier only or a kind of plan of GB much carrier OK, choose shirt-sleeve chip to raise cost instead, and not was necessary. And because television terminal needs to sell countrywide each district, because this needs shirt-sleeve chip, receive in order to assure below any group net means do not have a problem. Shirt-sleeve chip to the television overall for cost, add next to nothing, consumer is very recipient also. Current, kang Jia already used shirt-sleeve chip, rolled out can get used to signal of TV of figure of each district floor to receive chance of digital TV an organic whole, be about to batch appears on the market. This series included to arrive from 47 inches of high-definition liquid crystal the range of products of TV of 28 inches of picture tube. And, firm of domestic and international other TV is like mansion China, SamSung, Xia Pu to wait, also will roll out the TV that has shirt-sleeve chip. Research organization Display Search studies the report says, 2006 the 2nd quarter, volume of shipment of global number TV rose 22% , achieve 15.5 million, 37% what occupy gross of shipment of 2 quarters television, and of ISuppli newest forecast show, machine of digital TV an organic whole will be by 2008 exceed common imitate TV. The shipment of machine of an organic whole of TV of predicting China number measures 100 thousand from 2007, arrive to be able to grow 32 million 2015.
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