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Intelligence builds the design that needs perfect standard to check and accept a
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In recent years, the branch changed systematic construction to make with respect to intelligence related our country government a series of design and check and accept a standard, but because intelligence changes a system to build involved range,wide, development changes fast, new technology is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, because this is taken very hard,give a whole intelligence to change a system design, check and accept a standard. The electronics conference system that if intelligence changes a system,appears in construction, multimedia system, one cartoon system still do not have the design that can consult and check and accept a standard. System of diseased, management has not establish standard and standard completely also is influence building intelligence the main reason that changes systematic quality.
Perfect intelligence builds project standard and standard, strengthen intelligence to turn the main effect that systematic project manages and pressing sex, already was taken seriously by engineering group and the height that the government is in charge of a branch.
Because intelligence changes a system to involve the industry government such as construction, public security, post and telecommunications, wide report, fire control, its technology is integrated the computer, communication, accuse oneself, the domain such as video of electron, sound, consequently this job needs a government to be in charge of sectional support and organization, do not have authority otherwise, at the same time working schedule also did not assure. Should with " intelligent building designs a standard " (GB/T   50314-2000) for main frame, the design that changes a system with respect to concerned intelligence, construction, check and accept wait for working place must standard and standard, check whether home's at present active standard and standard already satisfied use requirement, the near future wants an organization to achieve corresponding modification or authorized strength. Outside removing perfect standard, standard, still should organize undertake grooming from estate unit, announce as string of 1000 cash. Current, compositive business is having the system when the system is designed, often cite a series of design, check and accept standard and standard, but what understand standard, normative intention truly is very few however, compositive business does not have some systems even a relevant standard and standard, through grooming, can fall standard, normative execution to real point.
Anyhow, in intelligent construction project, we must establish the standard of a China and standard, this is the building gets used to the need that modern society and science and technology admit information, it is the need of normative project market. Be built only and relative standard of perfect intelligence architectural and standard, ability coachs intelligence builds project way correctly, the operation of normative design, construction, tie system is compositive the behavior of business, make sure intelligence builds project mass.
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