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Standard of pressure appearance technology evaluates 3 standards to pass
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"Instrument bearing industry is to attract one of manufacturing industry with foreign capital the largest proportion, we should use foreign capital actively to get effective on one hand, want to ensure technology of principal property core is own on the other hand. " a few days ago, expert of many 50 pressure bearing industry that comes from countrywide each district is assembled in always health, passed what to pressure type 6 fluorine change controller of sulfur gas density, pressure controller, pressure to express plant technology condition to wait for standard of technology of 3 pressure appearance to discuss. As we have learned, this is standard of technology of countrywide pressure appearance evaluation can be in first always health hold.

As we have learned, be in always health, the business with a few not only much amount to is producing pressure appearance, but the company exit result of appearance of pressure of this city production is satisfactory, the product of 70% above is exit, in countrywide instrument company exit measures be among the best of candidates. As in recent years oil price is climbed ceaselessly tall, foreign oil industry grows quickly, the export of company of instrument of this city pressure will increase continuously. Always Zhou Yonghua of factory director of instrument and meter plant of health city Xin China says, of standard of technology of appearance of these 3 pressure through, will become pressure appearance country to standardize guiding technology file, the skill that is vast enterprise innovation adds new content.