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Case: Fifty-seven thousand eight hundred yuan are decorated contracted 3 rooms 2
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Project name: Green jade Gui Yuan

Building type: 3 rooms 2 hall hutch two defend

Project area: 124 square metre

"288 formulas " cost: 35712 yuan

Add outside the formula: 22088 yuan (include: Road of water and electricity is transformed close beforehand, metope sticks cloth wall of setting of wall of setting of top of condole of modelling of special processing, plasterboard, TV, dining-room. )

Project total cost: 57800 yuan

Advocate material list

"288 formulas " the material that deserves to send includes: Clean provides paint of wall of happy cabinet of blessing of entrance of boreal Europe former outfit, Ao Siman, fact of ceramic tile of abstruse rice eggplant, 3 actor achieves solid Mu Fu to add up to wooden door, Italy Beierweini ambry; The sitting room cheats compound floor of aggrandizement of sunshine of mattress of floor tile of graceful Li Sha, Lai and complete set to be designed freely.

The design is analytic

Enter a modelling short ark on the door and adornment to spend perfect combination, the light that uses below short ark also makes a cabinet lively a lot of. The end face modelling here differentiates not only gave dining-room and sitting room space, and had made corridor and sitting room join together again, be together with respect to the union with the perfect space of decentralize so. Simple dining-room condole top, abstract metope wallpaper, contemporary droplight draws the outline of a contemporary and practical have dinner space. The TV setting wall with contracted sitting room and set each other off of wallpaper of bamboo of sofa lateral green become an interest.