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Strengthen culture element originality to promote product of pottery and porcela
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The quantity that our country china exports resides the world the first, but every china exports the price on average to have 1 dollar left and right sides only. Yang Zipeng of director of association of Chinese ceramics industry reminded industry recently, introduce culture originality idea, will have positive stimulative effect to promoting china to make.

A few days ago, the form of high-quality goods tableware that by supervise the manufacture of of museum of the Imperial Palace, law blue porcelain company designs " Fu Haiteng is amounted to " , expert be concerneded thought to represent the way that china industry develops. According to introducing, law blue porcelain used technology of a lot of original creation, include proper motion research and development " adornment of densely covered and smallish pottery and porcelain pouring wine cup makes base substrate appearance method " , overcame the limitation of law reversing a pattern successfully, let china the generation that each barb pours horn to reduce modular line, make law blue porcelain has stereo feeling more. 2006, law blue porcelain was obtained " 100 flowers cup " award of bonus of high-quality goods of Chinese arts and crafts, of the same age in October, obtain U.N. Educational to issue " badge of outstanding skill handicraft " award.

Yang Zipeng thinks, at present the ceramics industry of our country must strengthen culture element further, will promote our country pottery and porcelain the administrative levels of the product with originality. Should be in at the same time technology, craft, assemble wait for a respect to increase investment, raise the technical level of product of our country pottery and porcelain in the round.