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7 years innovation lives in kitchen popularity to design 5 gist element
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The kitchen decorates the simple overlay that is cabinet put oneself in another's position, kitchen utensils and appliances, electric equipment not just, however the organic combination of whole kitchen environment, it is the systematic project that a whole plans, at present a lot of companies still stop in individual event of cabinet put oneself in another's position to be designed on ambry design, the integral environment that does not pay attention to a kitchen reachs his the influence to family. However, 360 degrees of kitchens that the near future appears design entire case, provided layout of style program, environment program, space, special processing, safe safeguard for consumer 5 big board piece integral kitchen designs entire case.
The kitchen designs element 1: Style
What kitchen stylist should pay attention to kitchen and other space is coherent concern with echo. Also can use mix build kitchen style design, from function, colour, material qualitative, modelling, deserve to act the role of wait for element, the otherness that emphasizes kitchen space and other household space is interactive.
The kitchen designs element 2: Environment
Ambry stylist should design the form of ambry not only, offer rich wall, top, ground to decorate tie-in proposal even, offer rich kitchen to deserve to act the role of plan and adorn taste assorted proposal.
The kitchen designs element 3: Dimensional layout
Good kitchen stylist, in side of kitchen structure composition, can kitchen utensils and appliances of give attention to two or morethings finds a place for, Qing Dynasty tears open partition, cop to transform, geomantic think wait for a lot of respect. In the meantime, principle of engineering of according to human body, the kitchen job that offers science moves wire gauge to delimit, the function of reasonable arrangement kitchenware, azimuth, dimension. Still should offer meticulous and complete article to receive memory proposal.