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Claver " drive board room " emersion in those days palace is royal air
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Of old Beijing " copy board restaurant " , " restaurant of shop audition Li " it is famous palace gust cafeteria, runs palace meal too numerous to mention one by one, rich and colorful. But, this is the one fraction of drive board after all, the palace dish that just is tremendous amount of nodded one of spot to stop.
Palace " drive board room " it is the component inside resplendent and magnificent Forbidden City, come hundreds of years, it does not tell gather the delicate cate of how many folk, enjoy for monarches, changeable, life vicissitudes of life, do not know to gust of how many palace circulates again folk, make point of dish of in a popular style.
There is house of how many board after all inside Forbidden City, still do not have the number of exact count. But, in distributing within this emperor city in greatly small palace courtyard, have respective board house. Only hind the wife of a prince people have 8 order and degree almost, their regular meal is expended, from 52 to 10 come neither, portion exemple is lower, board room is less, dish place is less, what use tableware to also differ to stannum, porcelain from gold, silver.
In this numerous board room, the biggest is to be what the emperor serves " drive board room " . The drive board room inside the Imperial Palace has two place: κ of the Huaihe River steals? of huge rock of heir of imperial mandate bully present jewelry shop south) , cry " outside drive board room " , cry again " room of drive dish board " . "Room of drive dish board " not only make great dinner group of official " Man Hanquan banquet " , and return sometimes to be on duty chancellery has board. Another at " the hall that raise a heart " side, cry " inside drive board room " , say again " room of board of drive of the hall that raise a heart " , food of countless dainty different stems from here.
In addition, be in " round bright garden " , " the Summer Palace " inside garden waiting for drive, also set drive board house, say " room of board of garden front courtyard " ; The drive board room of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital waits in battalion of hot river, name of a river in northern china, Zhang San, say " go in drive board room " . The emperor goes out every time when travel, contain team of board of a drive, eat and drink in order to offer its.
What how many person is a monarch eat and drink after all serve? Do not have a person to be able to take out an exact number. Nevertheless, we are OK from " room of board of drive of the hall that raise a heart " see, mere " the hall that raise a heart " room of board of a drive, have hundreds of people. According to historical data account, "Room of board of drive of the hall that raise a heart " set: Page? person, deputy cook grows 2 people, 27 people of cook person, foreman is done obeisance to the Tang Dynasty 2 people of A, do obeisance to the Tang Dynasty 20 people of A, bear should grow 20 people, bear should 44 people of person, urge grow 2 people, get urge 6 people, battle of 3 banners hutch 57 people, recruit hutch battle 10 people, husband battle 30 people, this part is factitious " bear should board needs a person " .
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