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Tang Shan: Solar energy water heater presents village obstacle heavily
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The Yang Da's Mom that lives in phoenix garden encountered an irritated worry recently: "Want to install water heater of a solar energy, property does not allow however, can the sunshine that the eye sees the move is auspicious flows for nothing. "
After Yang Da's Mom installs the idea origin of solar energy water heater to come at the intense heat of summer, the family uses n rise suddenly. "Sometimes a day of develop a few bath, electric water heater became my home with report ' large family ' , son home installed solar energy water heater, it is quite good to say to be being used, when the day is good basically not need restart electric water heater, my this ability is wanting to also buy, now is not to always be carried, ' managing model society ' ? " but with property after many bargaining not if really, the energy-saving plan of Yang Da's Mom aborted.
The experience of Yang Da's Mom mirrorred the awkwardness that at present solar energy water heater enters a village actually. According to reporter observation, solar energy water heater has wanted two to close into village at least: Property closes, owner closes. Property company does not allow Yang Da's Mom to install solar energy water heater most prime cause is, once the vacuum tube of solar energy water heater bursts apart, can cause a building to carry ooze water on the head, the installation of solar energy did not consider when the village is designed besides. Although this involves property company,can bypass, live to Mom still needs the Yang Da of upstair and carry the resident of the layer on the head to discuss, if the family does not agree, solar energy hot water still cannot take a door. Now, the attic of a few new villages, gazebo puts in resident carrying a layer on the head 's charge all, the resident of the much layer that it is a top that installs solar energy water heater, resident of the layer that be not a top can bemoan one's inadequacy in the face of a great task.
Cao Bin, solar energy water heater installs technician, those who have 5 years experience from course of study, now Alisidu brand shop of Tang Shan of solar energy water heater works. Introduce according to him, in Chun Xia's busy season, his month should install 449. Because the property of new village supports inimical attitude mostly, his current installation target is the resident of old village more. A few quite " enlightened " although property company allows resident installation, but can state to resident, if cause a building very slack, consequence is conceited, some even to installation worker collection the 50 buildings that differ to 200 yuan carry bail on the head. And company of a few property appoints ability of brand of a few water heater to enter a village simply. "So, after the user expresses to buy intention, we can suggest they are mixed above all property, resident carrying a layer on the head talks things over, lest cause needless trouble. " Cao Bin says.
A public figure of property government trade that does not wish to disclose a full name expresses, the dweller building that builds before did not install solar energy water heater considering Lou Dingan, intensity of roofing of design building top and quality level are not high, the building also is done not have very beforehand obligate installation position, cop, together with installs the problem that design of incommensurate building style appears likely in the process, because this is told from technical respect, the dweller installs solar energy water heater in Lou Dingan alone, the likelihood is put in hidden trouble. In view of common people of energy-saving consciousness rise, he suggests, live to been enter and did not unite installation too block can village, resident should fall in the assistance of property company, how does the such as ooze that brings from this with resident carrying a layer on the head do after water, how attend to arrives of building body beautiful after waiting for a problem to reach consensus, install again.
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