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Chinese enterprise brews brand of the lawsuit that cross a state grabbing note c
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Trade mark of game of the Kang Jia of exposure, new division, heart was in Russia to be grabbed recently note be related, ring the alarm bell that abroad intellectual property protects Chinese company noisy again. According to " daily of the first finance and economics " reporter investigation, by Russia same home company grabs those who note trade mark besides afore-mentioned 3, still have on wide report and step by step tall, share 5 businesses namely. And among them 4 are talking things over to invite a lawyer to hit this lawsuit that cross a state jointly.

Mr Zhang that works according to be in Russia introduces, rob the company that fixes these Chinese company brand, probable the associate that is the agent that they are in Russia is dry. But, grabbing the person that note is the agent of Chinese company after all, chinese staff member is had inside it, grab the move that note to whether planted agent waits still ambiguous.

Mr Zhang thinks, the brand of Chinese company is grabbed to note in Russia, have the reason that their oneself manages, can not blame Russia aspect completely. Because this is in Russia,be a common business only case, the attention that should cause local government still has difficulty. And, brand consciousness of the Russian is not quite strong, pilfer edition be current.

Wide report is mixed on step by step on tall a list of names posted up famous

The data that Kang Jia group provided to our newspaper reporter yesterday shows, grab the Russia company that fixes brand to cry " M.O.O.S.P.R.V. Company " , chinese interpreter comes over is " the organism between area of game of electron of sale of Muscovite stimulative production " . But it is a private enterprise, it is a name only such appellation just.

And the company that is robbed to note and its brand include: Kang Jia (KONKA) , new division (SHIN-CO) , heart is surpassed (DESAY) , on wide report (SVA) and step by step tall (BBK) . Among them, "KONKA " be being grabbed to note time was on June 13, 2002.

Kang Jia ever applied for Madrid brand international is registered

Kang Jia expresses about chief, "KON-KA " one of core content that are protection of Kang Jia intellectual property, because this group is right,this matter height takes seriously and close attention a got-up affair develops.

This controller points out, be in early 1996 Kang Jia will " KONKA " international of application Madrid brand is registered (appoint territory outspread to Russia) , because just put forward to Russia patent and brand bureau " KONKA " of brand register application, accordingly, health beautiful group is right " KONKA " the droit behoove of brand gets the esteem to Russia law and protection.

Russia is Kang Jia abroad one of extended key markets, the sale growth that health beautiful product is in Russia is swift and violent. But this controller thinks, this incident won't affect Kang Jia to develop the process of Russia market and determination. Grab in the light of this brand record event, kang Jia has established special panel, will combine fall victim company one case, through including legal measure inside all sorts of measure, safeguard rights and interests with all one's strength.
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