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Let a bedroom decorate sweep the Chinese nation " folk-custom wind "
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A lot of families are in now when doing a bedroom to decorate, those who be hanged on mouth edge is " Ou Shi " " Japanese type " " beautiful type " and so on. Especially a few youths, prefer those who imitate the west to decorate means.
I encounter friend of a beautiful book Chinese recently, when this kind of popular in mentioning domestic bedroom to decorate tendency, he is startled a bit quite and feel disgusted. He thinks, of domestic bedroom decorating is one kind provides representative folk-custom culture extremely. If a foreigner walks into your bedroom to be able to feel immediately,walked into China, so your decorate succeeded; If let a foreigner walk into your bedroom, feeling is the country that returned his, so your decorate can count failure. I feel, this sentence merits us to think.
History of the Chinese nation is long, a lot of ancient buildings showed the bright of our people culture adequately, reflected working people's wisdom, up to now still an excellent work of can yet be regarded as. If we can introduce the design concept that ethical distinguishing feature has in ancient building to the bedroom to decorate in the design,come, the bedroom add lustre to that meets you necessarily buys variety. I see the bedroom of a colleague is decorated, reflected the distinguishing feature of folk-custom culture really adequately. Door window is wooden division form, on indoor doorcase dish a dragon, what condole ark, almirah hits so that resemble ancient time is sweet basket, every door has door curtain, he still held two red lanterns in the doorway. Of course, I cite this case is not to want everybody to be imitated, just feel to be necessary to be opposite us " western-worship " the tide that decorate undertakes thinking over. Accede and developing folk-custom culture is us the responsibility of each compatriots, only everybody exerts oneself to accede and develop traditional folk-custom culture, just can make folk-custom culture is gotten in bedroom art carry forward inside the country.