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The beautiful type hutch of free joy defends wind to wave Chengdu other people
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Male dresser is installed in closet, perhaps watch TV inside the bathroom? These individual character that resemble American are same, be permeated with the kitchen that goes after comfortable, joy to defend bath agitation everywhere, had begun to be blown stealthily in Chengdu city at present.
Was in a few days ago Chengdu is not little famous sell see, if get,the hutch of a lot of beautiful type protects a product and amount to, division strap, the brand such as beautiful mark, lie fallow in easy and decent beautiful type mediaeval classic feelings was blended in in series, reveal in warmth luxurious. Concerned data shows, the sale that at present beautiful type lives in a product to be in Chengdu area with annual of 40% go up a speed growth, the personage inside course of study thinks: This basically is its the life attitude that give was permeated to affect broad China customer in the product.
Build in international of 100 million the world assemble a center, the reporter sees, compare at " wear Jin Daiyin " Ou Shi hutch is defended, beautiful type hutch defends contain more is culture of human body engineering, area, people, aesthetic, practical wait for connotation, with its lively, fine line is designed, and decent have spent adornment, gaining the favour of numerous consumer with each passing day. Build according to international of 100 million the world collect a center to guide young lady of king of the member that buy introduces, come to what hutch of their inn choose and buy defends be given priority to with the male, and major outer look forward to works, or the successful crowd of Gao Zhi, good-paying, had gotten good education, the classical series that they basically defend to beautiful type hutch and new classic series have a special liking.
In 100 An Jujin sanded inn, the reporter interviewed Miss Lin that comes back from the United States. "The most attractive place that beautiful type hutch defends depends on modelling and function, bathe below such faucet, I may sing uncontrollably. " Miss Lin introduces, american shower room is very big, a lot of other peoples match Fu to wash a basin, perhaps add a shower more outside bath crock, many American youths still like to install male dresser in the bathroom now. American and Chinese are different, the Chinese feels the bathroom is " clean " appropriative, and a substantial that life of the bathroom in the daily life of American is the life, a lot of families even TV, collect books to be put into the bathroom, read in the bathroom, gem gal is to plant enjoy.
According to introducing, beautiful type hutch defends the comfortable sex that those who pay attention to is a function and the wallop that design, go up in the style more diversification and do not break harmonious. Appear with fruity, luxurious appearance, those who reveal beautiful type style is carefree and easy. Now, research discusses the design that hutch protects and environment, space, safety and diversity, had become complete beauty to design the issue that the bound takes seriously very and pays close attention to. Happy, romance and comfortable sex are the evaluation with pair of beautiful type best household.
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