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Chic tableware, lid bowl makes novel and mensal culture
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The tableware nowadays, had resembled no longer inchoate have full-dress alimental sense only in that way, the development of the times, average dinner service cannot have satisfied people to make the demand of novel and mensal culture. Increasing modelling is distinctive, the tableware with original design is conquering the eyeball of people.
Day type tableware is in recent years Japanese arrange is reflected welcomely gradually. The day type dinner service that we see is give priority to with crockery, tonal have black Brown, deep cyan, deep ochre. Day type arrange pays attention to detail, reason tableware sort is quite much.

Build a bowl, bring the small bowl of the lid, lid diameter is less than bowl caliber, 4.75 inches of size. The breed such as glair of monochromatic of etc of colour of common blueness flower, famille rose, enamel. Yu Qingchao of our country's earliest the popularity that build a bowl, use at tea service. In day type tableware, lid bowl holds alimental containers esp. for use in the house morely with Yu Cheng.

Elegant lid bowl not only greatly the fashionable sense that enhanced tableware household utensils, can make people is in more have dinner when arise spontaneously happy good intention situation.