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Ad saying is non-standard building materials full ave of top class fascia
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"The first brand " , " true EO " , " the country avoids check " ... 21 days, substation of a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant of Nanning city industrial and commercial bureau the first industrial and commercial place executes the law personnel, outdoors advertisement and indoor advertisement have market of building materials of Qiu of bright show, tiger, fast to Nanning city annulus spot check, data of the advertisement sign that discovers presence of business of 6 building materials is serious, conduct propaganda is non-standard behavior. Market of Ming Xiujian lumber
Boss rip off non-standard advertisement
In Ming Xiudong road market of 88 building materials 218 11, 12 Nanning city triumphant decorate material runs a department, execute the law personnel checks discovery, the fascia of suspension of this shop front has " international of classics of floor of holy Paul wood avoids check appoint evaluation head is obtained ' in heart avoid check ' , ' the country avoids check ' , ' true EO ' product name " the scroll of model of written characters, should execute the law when personnel asks this inn boss shows relevant certificate, this boss does not have a law to show, execute the law personnel on the spot those non-standard billboard rip off.
Execute the law when the wooden floor that personnel reveals to this inn undertakes checking, the product of the golden wingceltis wood that discovers its are revealed, Long Fengtan marks a price producing area of the line out on the autograph is " Brazil " , " blame city " , " Paraguay " , " southeast Asia " . Execute the law board of boss of staff inquiry shop front is true when producing area, this boss admits producing area is Shenzhen, express to be corrected instantly.
Consume remind
Basis " advertisement law " the 7th the 3rd section provision, advertisement must not be used " national level " , " optimal " wait for diction, industrial and commercial bureau is opposite the country this makes relevant provision: "Top class " , " the first brand " etc belong to change term absolutely, taboo.
Huqiu builds lumber market
The boss does not cooperate dismantle advertisement
Lumber market is built in Huqiu, execute the law personnel sees far in market gate upper part, suspension is being written " pottery and porcelain of KITO gold meaning leads porcelain to be in China character brand of the first wind direction " the banner of model of written characters. Classics examination, execute the law personnel discovery, those who hit this scroll is " Jin Yitao " shop.
Execute the law personnel puts forward to this inn boss, should give instantly dismantle. This inn boss explains, this is the advertisement sign that manufacturer makes, they are agency, have nothing to do with this, refus does not cooperate to execute the law personnel examination. Should execute the law when personnel asks its provide industrial and commercial business license, this inn boss says to be being dealt with in the center.
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