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Changsha: Light gas to provide change his costume or dress to discard as useless
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Begin from July, the the Changsha City uses artificial pipeline to making gas user undertakes changing one's costume or dress changing. Is the kitchen range that uses artificial and gas, liquefied petroleum gas formerly provided, whether does water heater get used to natural gas? Of what brand light can you transform? ... recently, many citizens hit a phone to enquire. To problem of a few heat, " Changsha evening paper " the reporter interviewed a province to light gas institute deputy secretary-general gas is lighted to provide expert Peng Weigong inside Wang Jun, Changsha forest.
Ask: Why cannot be is kitchen provided and water heater used directly, must be transformed?
Answer: Natural gas and sky mix air (take the place of namely natural gas) character is more adjacent, light it is OK to provide each other is used, be in namely mix what had used on gas to light for nothing, can continue to use after natural gas is changed. But natural gas and difference of character of artificial and gas physics are bigger, protoplast labour is gas light after changing natural gas cannot safety is used, must be updated or transform. To this part user, company burning gas adopts the method that transform and discards as useless compulsively to be united in wedlock newlier, according to national regulation, of water heater discard as useless fixed number of year is 6 years, kitchen provides discard as useless fixed number of year is 8 years.
Ask: What kitchen is provided and can be what kitchen is provided and water heater transformed?
Answer: Press announce of city utility management board, preliminary and certain the following brand can transform:
Family expenses kitchen: Forest inside, 10 thousand happy, bosses, beautiful, snow of general cropland, Shuai Kang, cherry, triumphal, 10 thousand and, greatly dark, can rate, forward, fast is amounted to, China emperor, square too, Li Ya of look sound, hemisphere, home, .
Water heater: Forest inside, 10 thousand happy, triumphal, 10 thousand with, cherry snow, fast is amounted to, rate, China emperor, can square too, look sound, hemisphere, big dark, forward, silver-colored cropland, fire can, Kang Bao, Great Wall, 10 thousand happy event, LG lives.
Hot water furnace: Alisidu, small squirrel
Public ordinary mess: New hutch
Ask: Why cannot be the straight water heater that discharge type transformed again use at natural gas?
Answer: The straight water heater that discharge type can consume indoor oxygen when use, and the contains carbon monoxide to have mephitis system waste gas of generation also is discharged directly at indoor; If indoor and ventilated take a breath is bad, the airy in the home contains oxygen quantity to drop quickly, burn below anoxic circumstance more inadequate, the carbon monoxide content in waste gas can rise quickly, make toxic waste gas builds up indoors, cause gas and toxic accident extremely easily, happen even destroy the calamity of the door. National classics trade appoint already public proclamation whole nation lights a manufacturing company to prohibit producing at rising on October 1, 1999, prohibit selling the straight water heater that discharge type since May 1, 2000.
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