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Electric equipment of ACA North America " coffee center " make delicate living
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The coffee center that the company of electric equipment of ACA North America that devotes oneself to to make delicate cate live for consumer rolls out " my private coffee small shop " , with most the revolution that the means of fortify of have no way performed culture of a coffee.
ACA coffee center is machine of coffee of an intelligence family expenses, no matter be s of the most authentic e of r of E s p s o (Italy is especially thick coffee) , the Kabujinuo that is full of Bohemia amorous feelings, still be complaisant and exquisite blue hill coffee, can find their most sterling blood relationship from the coffee center of ACA, and this intelligence is full automatic coffee center is your exclusive " private coffee small shop " . Whole coffee is made is course of accurate pilot of an intelligence essence, coffee former beans is ground now, show strain of evaporate of vapour of wine, high pressure one key is finished. Hold the computer chip control of the entrance formerly, can install coffee beans dosage according to individual taste, beforehand brew time and coffee temperature, assure optimal mouthfeel.
Want to sample e of a cup of sterling r of E s p s s o , center of blame ACA coffee not is belonged to. Airframe set is blocked 8 times, adjust the fineness degree of abrade coffee pink, the degree of finish of coffee pink decides the shade of coffee taste directly, coffee pink is finer evener, taste is more powerful, mouthfeel is more complaisant. o cannot call s of oily without coffee s of e of r of E s p e of true r of E s p s s o , ACA coffee center is particular beforehand brew and high-pressured vapour make a process, through 95 degrees of vapour of high pressure of r of 15 B a , water Wen Chong strikes mill the coffee pink of even squeezing ramming, OK and extractive the flower that gives coffee former beans -- coffee is oily, and traditional coffee machine is cannot extraction gives this precious coffee oil. The process with whole complex major, need one key to be able to be finished only, between kiss, can enjoy alcohol sweet strong coffee. The grandma bubble that if add coffee center milk,place of epispastic vapour nozzle hits, coffee also has done a cup of Kabujinuo.