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Baosteel stainless steel for more than 160 McDonald kitchen equipment productio
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Following the success of Stainless Steel "summit" Guangzhou Asian Games Main Stadium after a few days ago, the company has Foshan Baosteel International and Franke (China) Kitchen Systems Ltd, will once again enter the Guangzhou Asian Games Baosteel steel project, has made more than 1000 tonne supply contract for the production of more than 160 McDonald's restaurant kitchen equipment. Franca is a fast-food giant McDonald's global stainless steel kitchen equipment suppliers, the Asian Games more than 160 facilities in all McDonald's restaurants by the Franke (China) Kitchen Systems Limited. In 2008, Baosteel International Foshan company FRANKE the first time the list of designated suppliers, the Group are required by Baosteel stainless steel processing and distribution company in Foshan. McDonald's dining facilities to ensure the Asian Games in place, Baoshan Iron and Steel Company and Franke Foshan together. It is understood that most of the products available for the 304 series. At present, Baosteel is processing and distribution company in Foshan.