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Kitchen decoration not to be "impractical"
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"Quality of life to see the kitchen." Kitchen decoration decoration throughout the home is a big head, in terms of future use of the budget or from the renovation, the kitchen is a real heavy head. Recently, Ms. Chen, who lives in Fort Jiangbei Helen was very upset, the house in the beautiful decoration for the kitchen, unauthorized alterations to the kitchen inside the pipe, resulting in minor accidents happened after, to his family brought no small trouble, Ms Chan said "Do not for aesthetic decoration to give up a safe, family safe is the first one!" Thus, the kitchen is not the blind pursuit of artistic decoration, layout, and then look good, if reasonable safety will be planted to the future hidden. Carefully selected imported brands of kitchen utensils Ms Chan is a whole kitchen at home imported brands, beautiful appearance, complete functions. "The only regret is that opted for a thin, flat hood." She said it was a fancy shape, now found its capacity is too weak to smoke, "a meal, the kitchen taste particularly great, not loose half a day. want to trade in range hood was too cumbersome, do not smoke can not be resolved for another big issue, so I am very worried. " Huizhou, the owner of a store brand of kitchenware Lee introduced the whole kitchen had imported brands in the market, its kitchen range hoods in the shape of the overall harmony of design with the people themselves. Flat-style body design, simple fashion, although expensive, is still popular in the market. But he also pointed out the whole kitchen, imported brands are not suitable for Chinese food, fried, fried, cooked, fried cooking form. Because the hoods too light or no hoods, no time to take away the fumes spread of a serious spill. Over time, will be attached to the counter or the greasy walls. The problem for Ms. Chen, Mr. Lee suggested that she change deep-cover type of range hood. Deeper set of such models (large volume) of the hoods, when the fan at high speed, above the hoods of a certain negative pressure zone, to accommodate the time to take away the smoke, has played a buffer role thereby eliminating a lot of smoke spill spread phenomenon. In addition, Mr. Lee also reminded to pay attention to make reasonable arrangements hood is installed. If you installed high enough so easily lead to fires. National standards in accordance with the provisions of range hood, range hood on the stove burner is mounted horizontally above the bottom of the stove installed away from the height of not less than 650mm. Operating area of the layout of the home to listen to "chef" opinions Ms. Chen also told reporters reflect her home kitchen pots and vegetables less than 10 cm distance from the side wall, and next to the stove, chopping board decoration operation when almost no place to put, "do a dish, to the stove the right side of vegetables, vegetable and then to the left of the stove, to and fro, especially the unfamiliar. "Originally, Ms Chan's house, the water pipes and gas pipes are wall-row side by side, cabinet companies design, is the easy way to install a stove pipe directly to the nearest basin and vegetables. Such troubles for Ms. Chen, Ji Yan Xiaobo, General Manager, said as decoration, to fundamentally solve this problem, may have to change the channel for a table. He stressed that the designer through the design to realize his vision, but to really feel the convenience of operation, more personal experience requires a combination of owners and life experience. Renovated kitchen, be sure to emphasize practicality, not only with operational procedures and reasonable layout of the operating area, as well as table height, height and thickness of the cabinet, lighting, brightness and so on, must be based on the specific needs of owners to adjust. Home "chef" views are very important, as far as possible in the overall consideration, and then communicate with the cabinet-depth design. Solid wood table with caution materials Chan prefer rural countryside style, kitchen countertops to give the product table, and rustic pine boards selected for workers in the field splices installed, the last on the table waterproof paint brush. "The thought that water should be no problem, but probably because Pine is a wood material, it is inevitable there will be water, dehydrated gradually shrink, causing cracks in Taiwan, where the transfer panel, more and more, fill plastic does not help, and when the counter there is water, the water will all go to the cabinet in the infiltration. "Ms Chan said that now only replace the table to solve the problem. Yan Xiaobo said the pine board table certainly looks "cool", but after all, the kitchen table is where the most contact with water, and wood-absorbent material is relatively easy, so is a matter of crack and deformation. Now the design trend country style is strong, so the building materials market, accordingly, such style is more and more complete, you can choose a suitable material to replace wood. Practical and beautiful decoration is always a contradiction, but as long as the election of a material, this contradiction can be balanced. Do not attempt to change the kitchen demolition Although small in size kitchen, but "full firepower." Inline experts said, in the kitchen decoration, electric wires, water pipes gas pipes as well, though it disappears in a place not to be noticed, but if a little attention, there may be a big mistake. Currently, most companies have home installation services. But experts still advise owners, the decoration must be signed before the renovation contract, the contract for labor and raw materials purchased have to request an invoice and the corresponding quality certificate paper. When the kitchen equipment problems, Do not attempt to change, demolition, dumping the original device, chaotic ride, random access, even chaos. Safe, careful design of the kitchen is to highlight the sharp angle of the apparatus in the head, hood and so on. These angles can be ended up round, or use cellophane wrap them, or buy some plastic wrap angle for the small cap, they can stick to the kind of stickers. Of course, the kitchen is best to avoid use of mats, matting, was holding a tray, teapot with boiling water when slippery, but also burn people. Open kitchen is not suitable for cooking Chinese food Currently, the face of the kitchen renovation, many people refer to a number of kitchen companies in a model or picture of the open kitchen after a keen interest. Most of the current kitchen area is 6 square meters, the largest not more than 8 square meters. Because the different living habits, Western Spaghetti often just braise steak, baked bread with a toaster. The fry Chinese food very often, especially in some animal instead of vegetable oil cooking, the fumes are many. Yan Xiaobo recommended, unless the owners is a friend like to eat Western food, honestly or otherwise, with a closed kitchen. If the owners really do open kitchen, you can do with a glass partition, to reduce the spread of smoke.