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Galley equipment configuration draws dispute not quite
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Article origin:   adds new Izvestia person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-9-13 15:02:57

On June 25, area of travel of condition of halfback city lifetime Mr Chen Xiang Yinchuan city industrial and commercial place complains the tower on the west, platoon of the vapour after amphibious evaporate car uses the electric steam that galley equipment company of reflective money 镠 installs for dining-room of this travel area does not go out, have quality problem, the requirement returns money.

Mr Chen is told, this year on April 9, he and money 镠 galley equipment company decide for this travel area dining-room plans to design dining room, hind hutch, and be in charge of installation galley equipment, add up to cost 26296 yuan. The kitchen is decorated, installation ends, mr Chen is paid total cost. Dining-room began to try on April 30 when doing business, platoon of the vapour after he discovers amphibious evaporate car uses the electric steam of installation does not go out, cause whole hind hutch vapour diffuses. Mr Chen installs a company to call to the kitchen, this company was checked with respect to group person that day, debug evaporate car, give again later changed 1, but still be the problem that occurrence vapour platoon does not go out.

Industrial and commercial execute the law personnel after to money 镠 galley equipment company understands, circumstance of Mr Chen report is belonged to basically solid. The technical personnel of galley equipment company is told, design a requirement according to the program, hutch should install 4 ventilators after, mr Chen agrees to install 2 ventilators only, vapour of the hutch after causing is discharged for long do not go out, at first they also suspect the problem that is a machine, but course examination, debug, exchange, insoluble. Investigate its reason, still decorate, the configuration problem of the hutch after installation. The course is versed in business personnel is mediated, both sides reachs consensus: Money 镠 galley equipment company is new and reasonable the program installs galley equipment, the hutch after assuring is indoor air is expedite convection; Compensate for Mr Chen traffic cost, consign expenses of loss of cost, delay one's work to add up to 900 yuan. (old Yong Ding is big Wei)