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New small home appliance helps your dawdler be in power!
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Article origin:   of ovine wall evening paper adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-12-10 16:00:07

"Lazy bug " secret Ji: New small home appliance

Full automatic breakfast machine

One of Yilaikesi full automatic breakfast machine, be all sorts of functions actually is compositive. Have 3 bowl system, one is used boil congee (or hot milk) , one uses decoct egg, another use toast (or cake) . Put the thing into breakfast machine in the evening before today, time cooking, when getting up in the morning the following day, a delicate and goluptious breakfast already waiting for you to enjoy.

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Hand-held cleaner

Lucky those gets hand-held cleaner, exterior design is concise and fluent, have the product of 5 kinds of color, satisfy the aesthetic requirement of different consumer. It uses design of wide suction nozzle, aspiration area is larger: Suction nozzle two end contain two wheel, move in order to assure cleaner on the ground or furniture when the job smooth. In the meantime, this wheel still has the effect that sustains to, make aspiration mouth won't clingy the ground or furniture, lest will spread above carpet or antependium cockle. Its handle design holds aptly, charge convenient, and because volume is minor,facilitate collect.