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Er kitchen provides Su Bo: Additional out-of-the-way way to do sth solves kitche
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Article origin:   of channel of industry of home appliance of Hui Cong net adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-9-25 16:49:10

Su Bo Er begins to prepare hutch to defend the production of home appliance to make from 2005, in order to take lampblack chance, kitchen is provided and alexipharmic ark kitchen establishs department of big home appliance of Su Bo Er big 3 for main product. According to Su Bo Er hutch defends general manager of big home appliance forest grasping pet name, su Bo Er from begin program hutch report this project beginning points to high end with respect to the sword, hold to the market fixed position of high quality, high fixed position. And the backside of this high quality high fixed position is its powerful technology support.

Kitchen lampblack is put " problem of 3 a lecture given to a large number of students "

Smoke lampblack machine to roll out home formally at was in Shanghai 1987 the first takes lampblack chance, appear at first in people the lampblack machine that the lampblack machine before is type of a kind of shallow cover, from the lampblack of an abyss of suffering people rescue comes out, passed development of more than 20 years. Lampblack machine arrives to be sucked greatly from shallow cover, chinese style arrives Ou Shi, avoid craft of unpick and wash to suck the technical all without exception such as wind act to showing hutch to defend the development of home appliance flourishing to side. However lampblack machine still is existing how to suck clean lampblack at present, how cleanness of unpick and wash is convenient, purify lampblack environmental protection problem of 3 a lecture given to a large number of students, according to data account, kitchen lampblack contains benzene and a variety of harmful material such as the carcinogenic substance of Bi, can invade human body respiratory tract along with air, cause anorexia, be perturbed, mind then depressed, be addicted to sleeps, tired and faint wait for a symptom. How to suck lampblack neatlier, more complete, attentively builds a hutch that perfect and smokeless kitchen is major to defend the consistent pursuit of manufacturer. Manager of technology of Su Bo Er Mr Wang Jun is carrying Su Bo patent calls in related Er channel of Hui Cong home appliance, put forward new conception to this task.

Point out of additional monarch door solves kitchen lampblack difficult problem

Majority of part of the high end in machine of cigarette of current oil absorption changes Ou Shi to development of lampblack aircraft engine, because machine of lampblack of well-known Europe type does not have the collect smoke cover with profound machine of Chinese style lampblack, this kind of congenital element makes machine of Europe type lampblack smokes in collect smoke respect all the time by accepted suck quickly without machine of Chinese style lampblack and complete. Machine of lampblack of Er of sea of the home a few years ago took the lead in rolling out machine of lampblack of act of frequency conversion wind, separate lampblack obverse side through act of one side wind is being established in front of lampblack machine, let housewife / advocate male people relieve the pain that suffers lampblack choke aing kind of sweet grass. A few enterprises also rolled out machine of lampblack of 3 wind act this year, criterion wind act effect outspread to " collect smoke is overspread " action. Its principle basically is passed is Ou Shi opening of the act that install wind is increased on lampblack machine face plate, air downward, form 3 wind wall to be equivalent to an aeriform collect smoke cover, lampblack the cover sucks lampblack inside, however because wind act is by go up to be overspread downward, but in fact, lampblack is send out by next upgrade go out, although have 3 wind act, but there still is lampblack to escape likely when if be boil in water for a while,frying the food with a few big lampblack go out.
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