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Ma of clean helper blessing is special robot
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Article origin: Beijing benefit and   of riverside electric equipment adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-9-13 9:12:15

Intelligent function: Press switch sweeps a room automatically, whole and clean process need not the person's monitoring.
Automatic navigation: Head of 21 electrons induction, course of clean of voluntary plan make a clear distinction, both neither repeats sweep, also do not leak sweep.
Sweep mode: Local sweep mode, sweep mode commonly, the biggest sweep mode, time sweep mode.
Answer automatically fill: When batteries is about to give out, the meeting inside 4 minutes finds charger automatically to undertake charging.
Imitate answers fill: Press at the same time " switch is big " , can make the machine is searched below the case that has report charge charge.
Memorial function: Fill electric hind to be able to return original place automatically, continue to begin to sweep the job.
Block prevents save oneself: Encounter fraise or be stayed in by object card, start automatically save oneself program, block up is cast off inside 10S.
Tornado wool brushs: The fourfold tornado wool of cosmopolitan patent is brushed, 32S can sweep 1 smooth rice area.
The edge brushs a setting: In deserve to the edge is brushed on the right side of airframe, can sweep room blind angle easily.
Ultrathin airframe: Height is 9.5cm only, can get easily to the end of bed bottom and sofa to undertake sweeping.
Soft rubber tyre designs: Wheel uses soft glue data, won't scratch floor or carpet.
Prevent decline function: Prevent a machine effectively to decline from table or stair come down.
Sweep efficiency: 10-30 makes the same score rice, 30 minutes; 30-50 makes the same score rice, 40 minutes; 50 smooth rice above, 50 minutes.
Low noise designs: Noise has 50 decibel only, far under common vacuum.
Environmental protection function: Buy exceeds net of strong active carbon inside, filter effectively dirt, purify air.
Fictitious wall function: Through putting fictitious wall, prevent a robot to enter you not to consider swept area temporarily.
Safe and energy-saving: Voltage 14.4V, power 23W. Move 2 hours everyday, charge of electricity under 3 wool money.
Suitable scope: Ceramic tile floor, wooden floor, linoleum, undercoat carpet (length is less than 1.5 centimeters of) .

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