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Luck bright roll out new edition ultrathin and wireless controller
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Luck bright new-style 10 key remote controller is the whole world remote controller of the thinnest admire of intelligent household spoon, be the same as type product than having even thin 1.8 millimeter, cabinet and frivolous, specific power consumption is small, control distance is far, be equivalent to having be the same as type product 2 to 3 times, convenient you are carried, come home in the evening need not feel again black look for switch, of relaxed freely press remote controller, shining immediateness appears; Not only such, have the control moving light that human nature turns more, relaxed adjusting control!
New-style characteristic of 10 key remote controller:
1, remote controller cabinet, frivolous, feel is admirable
2, power consumption is small, use convenient, yi Cao is made
3, have switch, setting, a standard-sized sheet closes completely and impose close control
4, two products: Namely 4 brief monotype and those who take 3 setting is complex model

Brief monotype 10 key remote controller is controallable 4 equipment, remote controller of setting 10 key is controallable 3 equipment, 3 setting mode, take the function that move light and a standard-sized sheet to involve a function completely, feel reachs beautiful. In addition, return the control that can have setting, the small remote control that carries, the home that allows you wants to change, the setting pattern with different switch is only between one key! Convenient a standard-sized sheet involves a function completely, convenient your travel, also can aid your a helping hand in urgent hour! 10 key remote controller is the good helper that you occupy the home, you can be installed at pocket or it is to not be on key catenary. Magical----Because,be not just small, come true----Namely so simple!
Luck bright new edition is wireless center controller, not only withheld original concentration to control a function, overcame wired form to must want to pass the malady of signal of power line transmit, make the use that centers controller more convenient. Optional will wireless concentration controller is put in the head of a bed or sitting room to wait, controallable all lamplight in the home and electric equipment, still can undertake modulatory to lamplight, implementation a standard-sized sheet closes completely. Needless insert plug technically on electrical outlet of 220V power source, use more forthright.

Regard wireless concentration as controller, its control soft face plate shares 12 groups of key-press, among them before key-press 8 groups bolt for control, additional quadruplet is function key:
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