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Freezer: Xi Menzi KA58NV10TI

Freezer of Xi Menzi KA58NV10TI used pure white exterior to design, and contain ice function, can accomplish neither of cold storage refrigeration by accident. This product achieved European class A energy-saving effect, suit domestic use more, and still match have fast cold quick-freeze function, make food OK memory is more long.

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Xi Menzi KA58NV10TI is put on the ice to opening the door box

This freezer is overall and all for the entrance, use T600a at the same time agent of the efficient refrigeration that do not have fluorine and system of tall low-pressure and automatic protector, make this paragraph freezer not only more environmental protection, at the same time more safe also. In addition, freezer of Xi Menzi KA58NV10TI used new-style liquid crystal to display screen, view look be clear at a glance, although be in,night also can know the working position of freezer easily.

[Referenced price] 15880 yuan

Microwave oven: Ge Lanshi WG700SL20II-K6

Microwave oven of Ge Lanshi WG700SL20II-K6 used silver grey color to design in the whole on the appearance, airframe uses technology of advanced the lacquer that bake, color and collocation of kitchen electric equipment rise to be coordinated quite. Elliptic door handle is located in on the right side of airframe, what clipper-built modelling highlights microwave oven is easy and beautiful.

Microwave oven of Ge Lanshi WG700SL20II-K6
Microwave oven of Ge Lanshi WG700SL20II-K6

The adjustment that this microwave oven uses mechanical means, 950W of its dimension of the biggest power input, output power achieves 700W, use the tension of 220/50(V/Hz) . Additionally it has 20 litres capacity, the use of enough and average household.