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Kitchen new home appliance- - the boiled water that can wash dish to wash a bowl
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Article origin:   of Qingdao evening paper adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-9-25 16:50:50

With water machine washing dish to wash a bowl is impossible job it seems that. This kind can wash dish to wash a bowl recently, the new home appliance that still can provide drinkable boiled water and cold water at the same time opens drink machine to come out in Ji Zhimei.

This kind of new product market that calls drink machine waters function of water heater of machine, kitchen at a suit, installation is concealed in ambry, boiled water of drinkable, cook, wash dish to wash bowl hot water, daily cold water to be pressed come, cooperate proper clean water equipment to still can provide straight water cold water, the function is very advanced.

The boiled water function that this product provides alone is disinfected thoroughly antiseptic, prevented a tradition to water the difficult problem that machine bacterium pollutes 2 times, put an end to tun water to carry store the bacterium in the process is progenitive, can satisfy a kitchen to wash dish to wash the hot water demand of the bowl at the same time, it is contemporary family waters the integral replacement product of treasure of machine, commode.