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The occurrence of originality new product brings kitchen space to change and inc
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Kitchen, in the concept of former days, it is the place of sootiness fire burn. However the development of science and technology and progress, of new product emerge in endlessly the appearance that changed a kitchen. Present kitchen because the conspicuous function of galley equipment, and the space that makes here becomes a warmth to go to the lavatory.

But traditional kitchen often the area is lesser, should make it becomes convenient still need a few special originality.
Use stereo space
The dimensional volume of the kitchen cannot be too large, because this makes full use of,the space also is important assign an instrument. Can make ark of ark of a few condole, hanger, little wall wait, mix with labour with material is not much, profit is not small however. Be provided like kitchen and little wall ark can be set below desk desk, get on below two, provide for putting the dressing such as daily necessaries and bowl dish and so on to fill, kitchen provides upside to be able to set the check mark that hang content several, offer the cooking utensils such as the shovel that hang boiler, spoon only.

In kitchen area the circumstance with much, frequent activity leaves small, thing, kitchen furniture should small and essence of life. Want space of put apart activity, facilitating operation is machined, use fold formula as far as possible muti_function furniture. If fold type has the buffet of mensal function, make two tailor-made drawers, one inserts cutting tool to wait, the appliance such as chopsticks of another Cheng Fang, spoon, shovel. Unripe ripe appliance is apart, already sanitation goes to the lavatory again.

The use of the kitchen asks
Kitchen function is to store the food with necessary life and the food that enjoy tone, in order to provide the meal of family person. Its space can be divided roughly to store, catharsis and cook 3 area, among them furniture, material should firm,
All sorts of equipment are durable facilitate clear, want to consider what kitchen function needs to prevent the special requirement such as hot, moistureproof, sound insulation. The kitchen can call working center of the family. Besides cook, wash clothes, clean, iron very hot wait to also often undertake in the kitchen.
The space of the kitchen is organized
Reasonable kitchen is decorated, can go to the lavatory for housewife operation, raise efficiency, spare time to create a condition. Any kitchens are designed, all should store up with food and preparation, clean and cooking process is a basis. Kitchen
In, include 3 main facility normally: Cooking range, freezer and catharsis chamfer. Store up in what food, appliance decorates between these 3 equipment and working surface, housewife is in 3 person the mobile course between forms a triangle, call the job the triangle.
General, the expert suggests thirdly 3 edges the sum should not exceed horny form 6.7m.
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