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Oriental cherry sucks lampblack machine, bring delicate kitchen life for you
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Article origin:   of net of hot dispatch home appliance adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-12-11 14:20:29

In current full of beautiful things in eyes, contend for strange the market of machine of oil absorption cigarette that fights beautiful, consumer is in glad not difficult discovery, although a lot of products satisfy the need of him careful beautiful idea, but cannot satisfy oneself however the demand of the basiccest to machine of oil absorption cigarette function---Eliminate kitchen lampblack, reduce the pollution of the kitchen.

Be opposite to satisfy tendency of the market and customer at the same time the basic requirement of the product, round assemble of oriental cherry enterprise force of the major that defend hutch, oriental cherry " Central Research Institute " the industry that combines major especially designs a company, last a period of time 3 years much wholeheartedly research and development passes several years wholeheartedly after research and development, eventually the near future rolled out machine of cigarette of oil absorption of SCR-3679G Chinese style successfully.

Machine of cigarette of oil absorption of SCR-3679G Chinese style is under the premise that has contracted and elegant outward appearance, not only assemble technology of revolutionary clean cigarette diversion, dismiss technology of unpick and wash, still oriental cherry passes research of with great concentration, drew lessons from the most advanced aerodynamics principle technology on international, and the transcendental technology that makes by numerous and intimate details, outstanding the positive result that explained machine of oil absorption cigarette nearly 30 years to dismiss science and technology of unpick and wash.

The advantage of form of deep cabinet of A, collect and machine of cigarette of Europe type oil absorption at a suit, can satisfy consumer to be gone after to vogue, classical exterior already, can solve Chinese consumer to be fried because of heating up oil to explode again, the smoke evacuation problem that the cooking of fierce anger smother is used to and produces a large number of lampblack.

The B, STAR-CD software that undertakes through introducing domain of aviation science and technology physical strength of empty air current learns to emulate an analysis applies, top of collect smoke antrum uses the means that the photograph of radian of optimal be identical of R79.2 and R40.0 combines, successful design goes out approximate the diversion technology of 0 obstruction and structure of collect smoke antrum, lampblack of accurate control and guide is flowed to, put an end to the generation that lampblack cross chaos sheds, revolutionary promotion sucks lampblack efficiency.

Antrum of smoke of C, collect by introduce home's high quality mould to undertake high temperature of an organic whole high pressure squelchs and be become, do not have juncture consequently, without blind angle, let lampblack not have seam can hide.
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