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The kitchen is mad also! Stimulate your nerval machine of a few kinds of lampbla
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In exquisite individual character today, also had even the smoke opportunity in the kitchen bigger reveal a space. Different installation kind, fancy function reachs distinctive modelling emerge as the times require, make a person dazzling, also make live doubly wonderful. Conceal type The cigarette machine that industry brings up is floating of Leng Jun tonal, become the hard injury in living in a design sometimes, and diminutive conceals type cigarette machine timely appear, solved this difficult problem easily. The home that cooperates different style resides a design, the cigarette machine that hide and does not show makes not only kitchen more show tasteful, still make cigarette machine much the portion feels mysteriously. 1, niche is the common adornment element in design of kitchen of classicism, rural style, be based on the uniform requirement of appearance style, conceal type cigarette machine to make the superexcellent choice of rural mood kitchen, classic form kitchen, it satisfied use need not only, still make whole household design more harmonious and unified. 2, of the bottom ark as a result of ambry and condole ark receive the difference with have greatly certain, the collect smoke cover that conceals type cigarette machine cannot cover whole cooking area possibly, make lampblack cannot be discharged completely. Those who pull can choose to be able to be smoked below this kind of circumstance conceal type cigarette machine, the area that collect smoke overspreads can enlarge one times, give attention to two or morethings is beautiful and practical. 3, not large to the area small kitchen, too great smoke opportunity makes the layout of whole kitchen too abrupt not only, and took up valuable storage space. Bulk is cabinet ultrathin conceal type cigarette machine and condole ark be in harmony to be an organic whole, flawless Insular type Insular type designs the layout form as a result of its vogue, forward position, be applied in kitchen of large and open mode by increasing ground, and the core of insular type kitchen -- the central point that machine of insular type cigarette makes people naturally also pay close attention to. It is to fly no matter hang in sky, or it is to be content with the ground, make whole kitchen appears more fashionable, contemporary.
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