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Bizarre integral kitchen resides home intelligence small home appliance to admir
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  Bizarre integral kitchen

This integral kitchen name that the paragraph designs by JuneHe is " HiddenKitchen " , just as its name implies, whats hide inside the wall. If the space of your home kitchen is less, so how be being used is crucial. In integral kitchen, after all components close, can conceal in a complete plane completely, cooperate the shopwindow design of wall, can conceal in metope. Drawer of a few dark style can be filled put some of bowl bowl dish, magical is the workbench below also be OK hidden, the pool that wash dish and cut chopping board these things are OK also fold.

   Kitchen electron menu

YummyKitchenConnect can be linked together with site of those cooking of Internet, hutch art receive, let you browse at any time the cookbook that you want to inquire or the healthy diet with the most popular nowadays, what need not you do for breakfast, lunch, dinner again and trouble from now on, need to press below a few button gently only, can find the healthy and delicate cookbook that suits you and family most.

   Microwave oven of batteries power supply

This is the first true portable microwave oven, it can use all sorts of dc, alternating current, can use the illume line power supply on the car even. It is good to had this east, the driver's seat that you can put it in your car on the side, drive to heat at the same time at the same time next food, to the front of the company, can enjoy reeky hamburger and milk. If go out with family picnic, it also suits most.

   Kitchen " cinema "

DCD778 of flying benefit riverside, what do not forget technically to see a movie to be returned when cook is housewife make, its airframe is compositive IPod is inserted groove and indication screen, can broadcast the image sound file of interior of I  Pod. In addition, DCD778 still can broadcast the CD dish of disc of VCD / DVD and MP3 format, output image with format of ATSC / NTSC (ATSC resolution is inferior) , it still has function of reception of a radio of AM / FM.