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Gain ground copy a watch to arrive door solve water price not all
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Abstruse one net question is real water price by drive up, copy a watch 2 times to escape hard its blame. Be in in Xie Yuan of committee member of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference " advance tap water to copy the draft resolution that expresses a job about accelerating " put forward to accelerate copy a watch to arrive door fulfil strength, enterprise of proposal water supply is contributive solve a problem. Response of tap water company says, conduit transforms capital to be assumed by who still wait for solve.


Most village is actual water price on the high side

Director of substation of supervisory examination of bureau of price of benefit state city is in Xie Yuan, he goes out in draft resolution middle finger, current, dweller of the city zone of benefit of benefit state city has 20 to use water door more, so far, execute tap water to copy a watch to arrive door have many 20 thousand only. Still 180 thousand control an user is copy total watch by water supply enterprise first, copy minute of watch by property management company again, actual it is 2 copy a watch. Have not execute " copy a watch to arrive door " the dweller pays water actually caustic and 2 fee such as water supply even, the water price that assumes actually wants the water price that prep above government announces. These dwellers basically distributing inside each residence village, what wait for charge as a result of the water caustic of each residence village and 2 water supply is different, the actual water price that dweller of each residence village assumes also each are not identical, government of prep above of actual water price announces dweller of most residence village the 10 % of water price differs to 20 % .

Think in Xie Yuan, began 2003 " copy a watch to arrive door " transform pilot job progress is slow. The reason depends on is charge exorbitant, the enthusiasm of masses not second year in high school is company of town tap water is executed copy a watch to arrive door, overhead expenses and water will increase caustic considerably, enthusiasm part of a historical period is not high; Although the government asks to execute " copy a watch to arrive door " , but lack is mandatory policy is direct.

In same city life, put in the water price with differ standard actually, as a result of different actual water price, caused a lot of societies to contradict, masses is larger to this opinion, dweller and unit of 2 water supply, the dispute that because water price emerges,basically is company of each property management often happens, to the price director branch is complained increasingly grow in quantity, company of management of a few property is in apportion when charge of 2 water supply, items of an account is not clear, situation of much booth charge is very general, masses opinion is very big, the requirement copies a watch to arrive a cry is very much. From theoretic tell, tap water price produces cost cost, taxes, profit by tap water 3 parts composition, active dweller life uses water price 1 . 94 yuan of / just are a price, tap water should be not put in caustic of water of the collection outside water price and 2 charge such as water supply at all, these charge should be included in water price, give issue of cost of the collection outside present price, have historical reason already, also have real problem. To push water price reform, compose builds harmonious benefit administrative division, resolve a contradiction with price cost most at present outstanding respect, must advance tap water to copy a watch to arrive as soon as possible a job. Strive for this work was completed before 2010.
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