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Oriental cherry sucks lampblack machine, bring delicate kitchen life for you
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D, double axis sheds design of structure of stomach of type motivation motor, double wind, double air inlet, double grease cup, cooperating permanent and free the service of net sending oil, make lampblack nowhere can escape, achieve truly avoid unpick and wash.

The E, STN-LCD that additionally this product still adopts tall simple sense, wide perspective is touched accuse to display screen, hold accuse interface be clear at a glance, with whole of machine of oil absorption cigarette hind of form a complete set is more beautiful, whole feels stronger.

Hold to " oily net is permanent and free send excellent, avoid unpick and wash truly " permanent commitment, no matter,believe the hand to your cooking or the eye that are appreciation, oriental cherry SCR- 3679G can calls Chinese style oil absorption cigarette machine in spotless perfect and classical.

Buy machine hind to must not forget of course will " send a net freely to answer case to get stuck " the 幷 that fill appropriate returns oriental cherry head office or land website of government of oriental cherry company to undertake registering, so that ensure,you can enjoy oriental cherry " oily net is permanent and free send excellent " perfect service.

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