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Kitchen smoke has become a public nuisance
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"Poor kitchen exhaust kitchen has become a regular hazard of the first killer of housewives." December 21, China Building Decoration Association, Working Committee of the expert kitchen admitted in Zhengzhou. December 21, the letter of Henan third floor conference room cabinet filled with visitors, China Building Decoration Association, Working Committee of Standardization kitchen Seminar held here, including the Working Committee of the Chinese kitchen head Professor Ma Yunyu, Hung Chung-kwong, former professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other experts attended the meeting, the cabinet industry means Henan Liberty kitchen cabinet kitchen cabinets and large letters are invited. Participants on the status of China's cabinet, and expressed their views on standardization, in which a speech by Professor Hung particularly important concern, he said, because the Chinese housing design and the reasons for kitchen appliances, resulting in poor drainage fumes, which are rich in smoke acrolein fumes, and many other harmful substances, often cooking for housewives will cause direct harm, experimental results show that housewives will often have to cook a "drunk oil syndrome", weight gain, dizziness, and even lung cancer . Finally, Ma Yunyu including large letter head want to be like kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets and other famous Italian brands Liberty, we must bravely assumed social responsibility to produce at an affordable price, environmental protection, healthy cabinets. As the industry department, they will as soon as possible to promote standardization of the industry, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the cabinet industry.