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Six strategies taste of life in the kitchen you are no longer rigid
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Has a fully functional kitchen, a lot of women know how to live a required homework fun, the kitchen among the successful purchase of a stylish and practical cabinets will is a very rewarding thing. However, a variety of market style store in style, features different cabinets make you confused it? Beautiful shopping guide adds to your loss and know what to do. Get rid of this discomfort is not a professional, six ways to teach you to quickly pick a cabinet of experts. Method one, the plate quality is very important See sheet quality, edge to fine, smooth, feel good, smooth vertical and horizontal, joint fine, coating evenly. Brand name products at once using straight edge banding machine Edge, decapitated, trimming, chamfering and polishing processes, the pressure of pressure sealing paste stability, precision machining dimensions can be adjusted to the most suitable site, to ensure the most accurate size and stable quality, small factories and workshops not as complete as the master of the craft quality and working conditions to set, glue a small factory with a brush, paste the Edge of artificial pressure, with the wallpaper knife to trim and polished by hand to finish the chicken, As the pressure is uneven, many places are not strong, since the future is easy to open plastic drum, but with plastic is not environmentally friendly, emitting harmful gases. Second method, a solid punch of the Relationship between the box structure Furniture is assembled by triple connections, you need to play a lot of positioning holes on a plate, with holes in the cabinet and the cabinet will affect the accuracy of the structure of solid, professional manufacturers with more than one row of drilling and completion of a board edge All surface holes, positioning reference uniform, size is guaranteed, the small plant is used to gradually discharge hole drill or hand drill, so prone to considerable error. Method three, the Conference Board is expected to open standards for high precision Sheet material is also very important to open a program. Professional maker saw with electronic materials processing through the computer input size, the size and precision computer-controlled, and the number of sheets a processing board, the specification is unity, stability, tolerance is small and does not collapse the edges of sheet metal crop, if the small factory to make less than the request. Method IV, the choice is the key to the door panels Cabinet door is the face, good door panels are color, bright, not easy to fade, not easy to damp deformation is not easy to play drums at the edge of the slot, not easy to penetrate grease stains, not prone to scratches and flawed. Method five, the entire cabinet assembly results Production processes of any size will result in errors on the cabinet assembled on the door panels have significant discomfort, should be smooth vertical and horizontal door, door gap uniform uniform, looks very neat, orderly for the job can not be loose. Six methods to see the slide drawer This is one of important part of future use, cabinet hardware will affect the future use, but also affect the cabinet is an important part of the price. The size of holes and sheet metal parts will affect the installation of any potential failure will result in the drawer switch freely convenient, easy to loose, translocation, big Fengzi, the sound will be growing.