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Concern is received enterprise of tall patent fee is wait-and-see Chinese high-d
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"Current, chinese edition is high-definition DVD dish machine (the following abbreviation " CH-DVD " ) technicality had not decided finally, we still are in observation. " yesterday (on September 18, 2007) , mechanism of domestic DVD dish builds a business when Wu Zaiheng of Liuying of general manager of company of tall seeing and hearing measures CH-DVD and EVD, express step by step, "Although EVD lets the market accept the time with still need proper, at present sale situation still is not very good, but we still can be done. "

At the beginning of this month, CH-DVD rolls out that day, include step by step tall, TCL, new division, Tsinghua is the same as square inside 5 enterprises exhibited CH-DVD prototype. Although reveal,gave prototype, but be opposite high it seems that step by step CH-DVD is unusually careful, represent can close observation only, and the more than pace that maintains wait-and-see attitude the pace is fast enterprise.

The patent fee as a result of CH-DVD and machine of dish of blue smooth BD tardy not Anacreontic, TCL and new division also show, two companies are returned will give priority to in order to produce EVD dish engine. It is reported, manufacturer of domestic plate aircraft produces machine of dish of a common DVD to need to have an enterprise to pay 20 dollars patent fee to foreign patent. Although the amount of CH-DVD patent fee and collection just were not decided, but the personage inside course of study guesses is common DVD patent fee at least 2 to 3 times.

TCL expresses about chief, because worry about the track of an overturned cart of patent fee of high specified number of times of serious step DVD, still give priority to in order to produce DVD, EVD at present so. TCL thinks industrialization of machine of blue smooth dish is in China at present premature. And new division also represents manufacturer of aircraft of another DVD dish, although new division showed CH-DVD prototype, but the production that does not indicate CH-DVD of regular meeting follow-up.

Patent charge is one of matters that dish mechanism makes an enterprise support wait-and-see attitude only. In addition relevant personage discloses, had not realized chip to change as a result of the front of CH-DVD dish machine, final decipher chip also did not decide. So CH-DVD appeared on the market impossibly in domestic batch in March next year, realize crop more impossibly to turn production immediately.